Michael Benjamin Voigt updates dmu sine to v1.97

dmu sine v1.97

Michael Benjamin Voigt has released version 1.97 of dmu sine, a synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

Changes in dmu sine v1.97

  • removed tremolo (replaced with new pitch sweep).
  • added pitch start +/- 2 octaves.
  • added pitch sweep time from pitch start to note (also sets portatime for mono).
  • increased max sweep time/portamento.
  • added random pitch control, small values are unquantized, values>0.2 are quantized to selected tuningscale.
  • added microtuning 109 – Custom Just Scale with small interface.
  • increased midcut range.
  • changed inverted linear key2pan (knob<0.5) to random key2pan.
  • envelope tweaks.
  • final gain tweaks, more subtle distortion.
  • fixed an uncomfortable volume spike on some mono legato play with high frequency jumps, pitch is now consistently scaled to volume.

dmu sine is available as a VST instrument for Windows. It requires no installation and is time unlimited, fully functional, nag-free donationware.

Visit asinus aureus for more information.

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  • C. Todd

    Man this one looks great, it’s a shame that firefox tagged the asinus aureus page as an attack site, thus preventing me from wanting to investigate/gamble any further.

  • Google blacklisted the website after it got hijacked and some bad code/link was injected.

    More about that at the KVR Audio forum.

    I can access the site just fine now and all seems safe.
    You could also get the direct download if firefox will let you (and you have the guts to go there ^_^)


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