Midi-Musiker releases Monochrome SL1

Midi-Musiker Monochrome SL1

Midi-Musiker has released Monochrome SL1, a simple and easy to use 1-slot stereo sample player built with Outsim SynthMaker.

You can set the start and end points, reverse the sequence, change the sequence speed, adjust the pitch and add effects. Or just loop a sequence, it’s up to you…

Monochrome SL1 features

  • Loop, pitch follow and reverse
  • Pitch shift
  • Reverb and flanger effects.
  • Tap Delay with a 16-step draw scope.
  • Multi-mode filter (LP/HP/BP/Notch/Peak)
  • Distortion unit.

Monochrome SL1 is available as freeware for Windows PC. You’ll need to register (free) with Midi-Musiker to download the plug-in.

Visit Midi-Musiker for more information.

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  • myself

    it’s made with “synthmaker” and only includes ready-to-use modules…


    Yes, its done with SynthMaker..
    Who cares? This Tool is fine!

    NO, there arent “ready-to-use” Modules…
    they are edited by Nox…

  • jjplan

    Can’t register.
    I tried 2 times, but kicked….

  • I send you some e-mails, but they come back


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