Mikko Maducdoc releases Lemonstrum

Mikko Maducdoc Lemonstrum

Mikko Maducdoc has released Lemonstrum, a freeware full-range guitar strummer VST instrument for Windows PC.

Its simplicity and ease of use gets the clutter out of your way so you can focus more on the mix and forget about the mics, cables, and tuning of a real guitar.

Lemonstrum features

  • Plays any chord and strums them with the correct fret positions to give you a realistic acoustic rhythm.
  • New Expression Engine lets you control the speed of the strumming on the fly, while you are playing or recording.
  • Sensitive to velocity so you can slow it down or speed it up without having to press any buttons on the panel.

Visit the Lemonstrum website for more information and audio demos.

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  • Dee Lee

    This is no doubt a great virtual instrument. Too bad there’s nary a clue where it might be downloaded from.

  • Just follow the link to Lemonstrum and find a download button on the middle-right of the main page.

    It looks like this:

  • Dee Lee, I guess you tried that button because I read it just wasn’t working yesterday.

    Mikko wrote:

    I apologize to those who tried to download the plugin yesterday, the link still pointed to 1.01, and I forgot to change it. I also uploaded to a wrong folder. lol. Everything’s okay now. Just go to the download page.

  • Heuristic Musik

    The links are dead, I was hoping to find more info on this VSTi

    Please email me!

  • You can read Mikko’s blog for updates here: http://gospelstar.spaces.live.com/

    The temporary download link can be found here: http://cid-b65284e0a1217e47.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/milkguitar/lemonstrum.zip

  • K.Kris

    good job mikks

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