Mini-Review: Loopmasters Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 01

Loopmasters Wave Alchemy - SFX Collection 01

Loopmasters recently released SFX Collection 01, a sample library featuring over 1.5 GB of sound effects by Wave Alchemy.

After reading some of the comments on this release I figured I’d give it a spin.

Now I kind of promised myself to stop posting reviews of products that I don’t have all that much to say about (since those end up containing mostly info that is already available from the product page), but I liked this library so much I figured I’d just post a mini-review.

What do you get?

In short, SFX Collection 01 offers over 1.5 GB of 24-bit sound effects, created using the “finest of vintage and new age electronic equipment” (check the kit list on the product page for details).

Wave Alchemy divided the effects into 8 categories: cymbal fx, downlifters, impacts, short fx & hits, stabs & acid hits, sweeps & drones, textures, and uplifters.

Although I think these categories have some overlap — e.g. impacts could also be in the short fx & hits folder, up and downlifters also have sweeps etc. — it is nice they didn’t chuck everything in one big folder like I probably would have done (it’s all sweeps, wobbles, blips & blobs isn’t it?).

You also get a bunch of instrument patches (EXS24, Kontakt, sfz, HALion, and NN-XT) so you’re ready to start using these effects in your sampler right away.

So what do I think?

The effects in this sample library are simply fantastic; high quality and great variation in sounds. I enjoyed the short fx the most. Big bass hits, retro arcade bleeps, distorted feedback, etc. Lots of unique sound effects in here.

One thing though. Many samples have been heavily processed, e.g. with the lovely Sherman Filterbank, Eventide H3000, TC Electronic M3000 etc. This makes these samples sound great on their own, but some of the big reverb and delay effects might not always work so well in your productions.

The sounds were apparently created with dance music in mind, so the ones with a delay effect probably work best around 120-130 bpm (I did a quick check on some of the samples and it seems this is the general bpm range used).

Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 01 is available as a download for £44.95 GBP (~$70 USD) from the Loopmasters website.

More information: Loopmasters / SFX Collection 01

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  • Thanks for your mini-review, Ronnie! This collection looked pretty appealing as I observed in an earlier comment, but I wonder why dry(-er) versions weren’t provided as well? I can understand how some effects (like distortion, and reverb in some cases) add convenience so you don’t need to further process them, but delay greatly limits their usefulness — especially if you had to guess at the tempos.

    At first, I guessed “Those effects are all on there to prevent people from nicking them right out of these demos!” but then I saw that you get what you hear.

    On the plus side, if you login for an account at their site, they do provide you with a generous sampler of not just 4 or 5, but 52 sounds from the collection in a 73MB pack to help make an informed decision.

    In any case, I’ve written (and haven’t heard back yet) to Loopmasters support, with the intent of teasing out if the dry versions are also available.

  • talla82

    As i stated in my other comment. I own this pack. It is only some of the short fx and stab hits that have fx. Most of which are characteristic reverbs and clever processing effects. This is what makes the sound imo! It imparts the sound of those classic units that not all of us have. These problems you speak of are non exsitent on most folders anyway and only a select few sounds in some folders, maybe 5% of the whole library

  • @Talla82 I didn’t count them but there are certainly quite a lot more than 5% of the samples with a delay effect on them.

    I do agree with you though that the effects processing really adds to the fx in a positive way.

    And for most of the samples there’s no problem when blending them in your mix since the echo/delay isn’t very loud.

  • talla82

    I agree :)

    The pack is certainly a lot better than your average fx library and i would go as far as saying the best fx library out there (minus foley fx of course)


  • @Talla82 Thanks for sharing your experiences — heavy reverb in an already-tweaked context (especially electronic experimental music) doesn’t bother me, but delay is a tougher case. This is coming from someone who LOVES tempo-synced delays and cringes at the “old days” of having to figure out Hz. Some dissimilarity can add richness (as is the case when combining quantized and non-quantized rhythms).

    Still haven’t heard from Loopmasters and it’s been over 24 hours per their policy during the business days, I think. I shall be patient.

  • hi guys

    sorry i didnt see any email or this thread until now and we are busy with teh weekly news

    I will forward the thread to steve from wave alchemy to get back to you directly!



  • Oh what a thrill to hear from you, Matt! Totally understood, I really appreciate your letting us know!

  • First off, many thanks for your mini-review Ronnie, its much appreciated.

    Torley, to answer your questions:

    Dry(-er) versions were not included because some of the shorter sounds with heavy fx would most likely not even be classed as fx without the processing chain i used. They would sound too dry.

    Also adding duplicate sounds would bring the size of the library up by a significant amount which isn’t really feasible with this product being “download only”.

    Not everything in the library is heavily processed. You wont have any problematic tempo delays when using the uplifters, downlifters, sweeps and drones folders for example.

    The short fx and hits folder uses heavy processing to create distorted-reality-esque hits and wierdness. Less than half of this folder includes delay effects and the ones that do are not overly obvious and are extremely creative.

    If you would like to discuss this matter further or talk about any of our other products, or even to just leave feedback, you can email me directly at:

    dan [at] wavealchemy [dot] co [dot] uk

    Torley, I will happily send you over a small selection of the less affected sounds for you to demo.

    Kindest Regards,

    Dan Byers

    Wave Alchemy

  • Emailing you now — thanks gratefully Dan, your explanation is understandable and exceptional!

  • :)

  • My story continues… I heard back from Dan and he thoughtfully took the time to provide me with more samples; then I headed back to Loopmasters to buy this collection!

    Alas, using a download accelerator (DownThemAll! with Firefox) — as 1.4GB is a substantial size — resulted in failed downloads and within seconds, depleted my count of 3. I’ve emailed Loopmasters support but there should be a warning.

  • Sorry to hear that Torley. I think download managers usually don’t work so well with limited access download areas.

    I read on the DownloadThemAll site:

    How can dTa work as a download accelerator?

    The idea behind this feature is quite simple: DownThemAll reads the dimension of the files you want to download and splits them into multiple sections, which are downloaded separately. Then, after the download is completed, it joins the chunks together to return the original file. This trick is called ‘multipart download’ and gives amazing results in terms of download speed.

    This makes me think dTa opens multiple connections when downloading a file, thus possible using up more than the 3 download credits Loopmasters provides (e.g. if it splits the file up in 4 parts, downloading it with four separate connections).

  • ^ I reckon that’s what happened too! I was just so anxious to get the sounds.

  • My download count was reset; oddly I didn’t get an email response from Loopmasters so I wonder if it got lost? I hope not.

    It took me about half an hour to get the full .zip (200-300 KB/sec when I can do far better) so I’d hope in the future, there’s some way of speeding that up and not working against download accelerators, while providing security against bandwidth hogs and so-called “content thieves”.

    Dan was extremely helpful to me during this time and I’ve listened to a portion of the collection, even inserted a few (heavily tweaked) in the latest track I’m working on. I’ll have a listening session soon of the whole collection. (I fancy auditioning WHOLE sample packs to select preemptive faves.)

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