Modartt updates Pianoteq to v3.0.2 + free Easter bells

Modartt Pianoteq 3

Modartt has released version 3.0.2 of Pianoteq 3, a virtual piano instrument for Windows and Mac.

We have made some minor modifications to the C3 instrument sound: more punch in fortissimo, slightly longer notes and slightly longer harp resonance.

Modartt has also released Bells and carillons, a free add-on for all Pianoteq customers.

The MODARTT team is glad to offer to all Pianoteq customers a free add-on made of Easter bells coming directly from Roma! Actually, it is a virtual copy of bells and carillons that were recorded at the European Bell Institute.

Visit Modartt for more information and audio demos.

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  • Modartt has updated Pianoteq to v3.0.4:
    – Fixed a crash when using pitch bend as a VST parameter.
    – Reduced the default tremolo rate for Rhody.

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