ModeAudio Giveaway – Win 1 of 3 sound packs

ModeAudio is offering readers the chance to win a sample pack or soundset of their choice.

ModeAudio Giveaway

ModeAudio puts quality audio packs at your fingertips, from loops & samples to soft synth presets, field recordings & beyond!

Interested? You can win one of these packs by leaving a comment on this post. Just let us know which pack you’d like to get for a chance to win it.

One of the titles I can recommend is the recently reviewed Dust Road, a soundset for Native Instruments Massive.

We’ll be picking a random winner from all comments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So you have three chances to win a pack. The giveaway ends Saturday May 10th, 2014, 12pm CET.

Good luck!

More information: ModeAudio

Free samples at Loopmasters
  • Thanks for the giveaway ! I’ll pick Analogue Experiments.

  • Thanks for the giveaway ! I’ll pick Analogue Experiments too.

  • dan


  • Nice! I’ll go for MACHINE ATTACKS.

  • Babis Trihos

    Great giveaway! DUST ROAD is a winner. I’d like to have it in my collection

  • Frank


  • phil_wc

    Want it. Yeahhhh.

  • NAИ

    Awesome. I’m in.

    • Excellent! Which pack are you after?

      • NAИ

        Analogue Experiments would be really nice :)

  • Antal Nusselder

    Sounds great. Don’t have any of their packs yet, and this would be a great introduction :) DUST ROAD sounds like a winner…

  • Кирилл Шалкепин

    Choow choow

  • Crystal Craft

    Analogue Experiments! :D

  • Some nice choices here folks! Don’t forget to tell us which pack you’d like to win ;) roll on Thursday!

  • Jesse Attard

    Randomly choose me! Broke beaaaaaaaaats! (Or any other good drums in WAV that aren’t too analogue)

  • Travis Basso

    Mode Audio is super DOPE!!!!

  • Caligari

    I’m really torn between Dust Road and Spectral Surface. In the end I think I’d actually use Spectral Surface more in the stuff I’m doing at the moment, so I’ll have to hope for that!

  • I’ll go for Dust Road ;) ^^

    • Congrats Vonbrucken, you’re Friday’s winner! Drop me a line at and we’ll get the pack over to you ;)

  • Prof.Logik

    Broke Beats sounds like it would be great to have in my library….good luck to everyone

  • noblogo

    the field recordings are much interesting

  • Stah

    Sleepless City, samples

  • Dwight Denzer

    Aerodynamics for Massive, please

  • Matthew M.

    Spectral Surface looks really cool for the stuff I do.

  • David

    Oh, Trailblaze please!

  • I count 16 entries so far, next person who joins in will have a 3 in 17 chance of winning. Now, if I was a betting man I’d say those are pretty tasty odds…

  • aaron bergman

    Klang looks great. It is the sound my head makes when I bang my head on my desk.

  • Pleasureplex

    I wouldn’t mind the “Dream Patterns – Thor house presets”!

  • Interlocutor

    Would love Dream Patterns (Thor House Presets)

    • Congrats Interlocutor, you are our first winner! Just send me an email at and I’ll reply with your download link!

      • Interlocutor

        Awesome! Thanks! I emailed my info… can’t wait!

        • Nice one! We hope you enjoy the sounds ;)

  • Meagan Johnson

    Trailblaze pls!! :)

  • JOJO

    Hyper Beats ,Broke Beats N Klang SEEMS INTERESTING

  • Lindsay Jones

    I would like one of these.

    • Which one though? Pick a pack to enter ;)

      • Lindsay Jones

        I would like Field Recordings: Fields! Please!!

  • thewavingmagnetic

    nice, i would like to get Spectral Surface samples.

  • Natthasak Sriwisorn

    High Life or Dusk Road :D

  • Frucht Blaeser

    i like the effected sounds :D …

  • Dust Road would be great!

  • Charles Zeitz

    Dream Patterns, Dreaming of them now ^_^

  • Daniel Patterson

    Just listened to the Urban Middle East sample pack! Oow man I would love to own that! Reminds me of playing Assassin’s creed or listening to the soundtrack of The Prince Of Persia (2008)! Crazy inspirational! :)

  • MrVision

    “Machine Attacks” please, good luck everyone!

  • Pat Osterday

    Dust Road – sounds are awesome!

  • INSO_o

    Klang, of course :)

  • jdog

    orbital sfx would be cool.

  • jdog

    orbital sfx would be cool

  • Stephen Donohue

    Got the 3 for 2 deal and some very cool presets to be had for both Massive and FM8, but would love to get Chroma Drums for Ultrabeat as well.

  • Roberto Pedoto

    High Life hip hop loops 4 me :)

  • Tristan de Liege

    I’d like Klang, sounds sick.

  • eurotool

    I’ll go with Coasts (Field Recordings 003) :D

  • Edward Ten Eyck

    Dust Road sounds nice!

  • Jeffrey Zhou

    I’d like the Atomic SFX Sample pack please and thank you.

  • mcz

    dust road, pls

  • yourcall

    Trailblaze Deep Trap Loops (for meh)

  • BORS

    Heyo! I’d love Trailblaze if i win!

  • ericbryant

    Way cool! Would love the Dubstep Metropolis Massive Synth Presets. Thanks!!!

  • Blortblort

    Broke Beats fer me please! …LOVE Dust Road already own that goodie ;)

  • Tejas

    High life Hip Hop Samples <3 thank you so much and congratulations for whoever wins (y)

  • Fredrik Melén

    Broke beats seems nice!

  • timmyozone

    The Spectral Surface samples look dope to me.

  • Cedric Bosson

    Dust Road would be just perfect!

  • Jevon Pope

    Dust Road, please and thanks.

  • Antonio Sosa

    Broke beats!

  • Victor Johan Brassart

    Dust road

  • black ghöst

    I’ll go a different route than most people here:
    Field Recordings 002: Fields

  • Ettzel Dohle

    Dust Road

  • JoAnna Bailey

    These packs are like beautiful paints that quench the artist’s desire to create. I have a passion for music/sound design and am in awe of the talent of not only the creators, but everyone involved from music to marketing. Thank you ModeAudio for making these available at a fair price. I remain grateful and would be so excited to have Atomic SFX.

  • Walter Wutz

    yeah! dust road plz! :-)

  • Anssi Sohlman

    Atomic SFX yeah

  • groov

    me me me! :] broke beats!

  • Alavux

    Machine attacks for me :) thanks ronnie for this nice competition :) and excellent verification how many people read this excellent blog :)

  • alltrance66

    It would make me very happy if I could win the Analogue Experiments (WAV format). Thanks!

  • Joshua Young

    Trailblaze looks like something different. I’d like to play around with that one, thanks.

  • Niels Dettenbach

    KLANG found percussion hits are just cool! ~ß)

  • And the first winner is… Interlocutor! Congrats on winning the Dream Patterns pack for Thor. We’ll be picking another winner tomorrow and Saturday.

  • Krzysztof Gonciarz

    Dust Road!

  • Matteo

    aerodynamics, maybe!? :)

  • Morteza Jahangiri Rad

    Field Recordings 002 : Fields

  • And the next winner is… Vonbrucken.
    You’ll be getting your copy of Dust Road shortly!
    The last winner will be picked tomorrow, by 12pm (CET).

  • dolli

    dust road would be awesome

  • And the last winner is… Matthew M. Congrats on winning Spectral Surface.

    Thanks to all for joining, sign up for the newsletter if you want to get notified next we have a contest/giveaway.

    • Matthew M.

      woot woot. thanks!

  • I’ve stumbled upon ModeAudio several months ago but never spent the time to listen to their libraries until now. Very impressive work! Hard to decide but ultimately I would go with “Curved Horizon: FM8 Vintage Presets.” Thank you for this opportunity!

    • Hi Shannon, sorry but the giveaway ended back in May already.

      • Oops! :-D Oh well, I still appreciate the opportunity nonetheless. Best to you!

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