Mokafix Tatapoum updated to v4

Mokafix Tatapoum v4

Mokafix has updated Tatapoum to version 4.

Tatapoum is a combined drum sampler and pattern sequencer, simular to Propellerheads’ Redrum.

Ta-ta-poum 3.0 was pulled a while ago after some legal threats (It looked a bit too simular to this…), but Tatapoum now has a different skin and it’s even better than before.

Drum Sampler features

  • solo, mute, load and preview controls
  • pan, sample playback length, normal/reverse playback direction, full/fade playback envelope
  • playback levels for high and low velocity, pitch control
    • velocity to pitch bend (warp) feature, with pitch bend, rate and velocity sensitivity controls
    • velocity to tone (filter) feature, with tone and velocity sensitivity controls
    • velocity to sample start feature, with start positions for high and low velocity
  • 2 pairs of drums (2,3 and 7,8) with the “link” feature
    • in ( ) mode, the drums in the pair are independent
    • in [ALT] mode, triggering either drum plays the 2 drums alternately
    • in [RND] mode, triggering either drum plays one of the 2 drums at random
  • 2 pairs of drums (4,5 and 9,10) with the “exclusive” feature, triggering one drum stops the other

Pattern Sequencer features

  • 16 pads, add/remove triggers, set velocity, add/remove FX
  • 5 flexible effects (2 flam rolls + 2 feedback rolls + 1 reverse)
  • 4 banks of 8 patterns = 32 patterns in all
  • saveable and loadable pattern sets
  • shuffle
  • pulse divide
  • up to 16 steps in each pattern, and pattern chaining, for longer sequences
  • forward or reverse pattern play direction

The latest version of Tatapoum is currently available from, where you can also find some manuals.

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