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MP25 B is a freeware VSTi based on oscillator waveforms from old Soviet synths.


  • 3 oscillators, 1 noise generator
  • Waveforms: sine A, sine B, triangle, saw A, saw B, square, circuit A, circuit B
  • 24db LP filter
  • tempo synced LFO controlling osc pitch
  • analogue oscillator unstability to recreate random voltage in transistors/resistors
  • ADSR controls (also for noise generator)
  • Mono/Poly mode
  • Portamento/slide levels

Check this demo mp3 to see what the synth sounds like. Sorry, the demo mp3 and download location are gone. See below to download from

The poly mode can be pretty tough on the CPU so use caution when switching from mono mode. MP25 B does not have any presets, however it does come with a manual which is good because from the interface it’s a bit hard to see what everything is.

You can get MP25 B here.

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