Muon Software releases Tau Bassline 10th Anniversary

Muon Software has announced the release of Tau Bassline 10th Anniversary, a free virtual synthesizer instrument plugin.

Muon Tau Bassline 10th Anniversary

Tau Bassline always was an exceptionally popular freebie, and we’re determined to keep it that way.

However, rather than being a download from our regular website it will be exclusive to our new Facebook page.

Tau Bassline 10th Anniversary features

  • Improved compatibility – now in Audio Unit and VST formats for Mac and PC.
  • Upgraded Audio Engine – same great sound, only more refined and precise.
  • New User Interface.

The Tau Bassline 10th Anniversary edition is available as a free download for those who connect with Muon on Facebook (click the “like” button).

More information: Muon Software

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  • Alphacat

    Facebook is the blue pill, people. Their revenue doesn’t come from those stupid little sidebar ads; it comes from selling YOUR information to whoever can pony up the cash. This includes information based on content in your private emails, what groups you belong to, what kind of games you play, etc.

    Disappointing to see so many audio companies going this way, but bear in mind that while FB seems like an invincible juggernaut now – so did MySpace, Google, and many others that’ve since lost market dominance.

  • orwel

    Is not freeware, it’s facebookware, FUCK OFF !!!

  • I’m no Facebook fan but why not just create an account just for the purpose of getting some freebies? You don’t need to actually use it for anything else…

  • Yeah free no not like beer free as in let us have your contact info etc which is a valuable commodity these days.I have an aversion to Facebook so you wont find Voltage Disciple there.

  • I know Ohm Force has Facebook-only freebies but they let you also get it by emailing or sending them a message on Twitter.

    You guys should let Muon know how you feel about this. If enough people voice their dislike they might just put it up for download on their regular site.

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