Music from a Cardboard Box?


What happens when you give a two-and-a-half year old boy a cardboard box and then tell him to destroy it?

Talin Box DestroyerTalin Box Destroyer

Wayne from Urban Myths recorded the result and created electronic music from it.

In this piece, Talin Box Destroyer was given a cardboard box and a packet of rubber bands. All the sounds in this piece resulted from the box being tapped, kicked, slammed with a mallet, filled with toys and shaken, rubber bands being strung across it (luckily only I and Talin’s mum Laura were injured, and soon decided the rubber bands were just too dangerous for Talin) and eventually torn to pieces.

Check out Music from a Cardboard Box? for a link to download the mp3.

  • oh, thats cool.
    I really need to finish that track of mine that is built around my daughter fooling around on the piano.

  • Excellent way to get creative!

  • yeah, I wanted to treat that like “samples” (that word again :), she made some really good licks out of the blue.