Native Instruments announces Partnership with Scarbee

Native Instruments has announced a close partnership with Scarbee, creator of highly renowned instrument libraries.

In the future, sampling mastermind Thomas Hansen Skarbye will work directly with the team behind the industry-leading KONTAKT sampler on further software instruments that will offer the typical outstanding authenticity and playability of the Scarbee brand. Existing Scarbee products will be successively relaunched as self-contained instruments that will be maintained and distributed by Native Instruments.

Scarbee - Thomas Hansen Skarbye

The press release continues:

The electric piano and electric bass libraries from Scarbee have set a recognized standard for the emulation of these instruments, and have become a mainstay of professional studio productions worldwide. Based on the combination of extremely sophisticated sampling and completely authentic instrument articulations that are intuitive to use for musicians and producers alike, Scarbee products rely strongly on the unparalleled sound shaping and scripting functions of KONTAKT.

By settling into a partnership with Native Instruments, Thomas Hansen Skarbye can now focus completely on the creation of further software instruments that will complement the existing Scarbee range, and eventually extend it into new sonic domains. Close collaboration with the NI product design and development team will allow him to utilize all existing and upcoming features of KONTAKT to the fullest extent.

Starting in September, existing Scarbee products will be successively relaunched in “KONTAKT-Powered” format, turning them from sample libraries into self-contained instruments that provide playback and sound shaping functionality without requiring the full-featured KONTAKT sampler. In the process, the products will transfer into the NI product portfolio, and will become available for download purchase on the Native Instruments website.

“This partnership is an ideal match in every way”, says Sascha Kubiak, Director of the Producer Division at Native Instruments. “The Scarbee libraries have contributed a lot to the attractiveness of the Kontakt platform, and we are looking forward to work with Thomas and raise the bar with further outstanding electric instrument emulations.”

“This collaboration is a big step forward both for me and for all Scarbee fans“, says Thomas Hansen Skarbye, founder of Scarbee. “Working directly with the NI team will allow me to capture and recreate more of these classic instruments, and to really get the maximum out of Kontakt for this purpose”.

More information: Scarbee / Native Instruments

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  • Annihall

    haha! I guess the NI samples didn’t suck enough, so they had to find someone who sucked even more: scarbeee.

    When I bought NI Battery, I was checking out their samples disappointed to find them of poor quality, until I found a whole bunch where the the background noise, white noise type hiss, was louder than the actual drum hit, and that just made me think that they must have missed these of included them by mistake or that my copy was corrupt somehow, or something like that. So I posted to their forum, detailing what I had found, and the admin said that it was true, he listen to the samples and they were indeed messed up. So I replied, “you’re going to fix them, right?” To which he replied, we’re going to fix them ASAP. Time passed, thread long died, and nothing ever became of it. So months later I search the forum to find my post to see if there was any solution and much to my dismay I found someone had posted the exact same complaint about a year earlier than I had posted it. Sure, they never realized there were bad samples, sure. What liars, and what unmitigated gall just to keep releasing the same hiss laden crap year after year. That’s despicable. Scarbee, on the other hand, doesn’t even pretend to put forth an effort to even edit the samples, much less actually prep them properly. Each sample set is loaded with every sampling mistake imaginable. The scarbee samples are so bad that they’re not even worth pirating, not even worth the download. These two pigs deserve each other.

  • Too bad you had a bad experience with both these companies.

    I actually think Scarbee has some really nice libraries for Kontakt. I especially like the electric piano series.

    I also like NI’s recent offering in sample material (Kontakt 3, Kore 2, Maschine), but I’m not familiar with the earlier products like Battery.

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