NCL Basic Soft Clipper, free effect plug-in by Matthew Lindsay

NCL Basic Soft Clipper

Matthew Lindsay has released NCL Basic Soft Clipper, a freeware effect plug-in for Windows.

Matt writes:

I’ve been playing around with building a VST3 plugin and thought I’d share something that I came up with. It’s a very simple soft clipper that is controlled with a single drive control. It’s a beta version so please let me know what issue you can find with it – if this works smoothly I’ll work on bigger and better things and possibly port my existing plugins to native VST2 and VST3 also. So your feedback will be most appreciated.

Basic Soft Clipper features

  • -18dB to 18dB drive.
  • HQ button for optional “high quality” 8x oversampling.
  • BW (Brick Wall) button to ensure the signal doesn’t exceed 0dB.

Basic Soft Clipper is available to download as a freeware VST/VST3 effect plug-in for Windows PC (32-bit).

NCL Basic Soft Clipper Downloads: 7267 times

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  • Nekro aka Dean

    Oh this one slipped past me totally Matt! Just grabbed it now my friend. As you know i dig and use both your EQ plug-ins often – Pretty sure this won’t be an exception

    Nice one Matt and all the best. Cheers for hosting Ronnie

    As usual take care and all the best to you


  • anzwer

    This Rocks! great free plugin that makes your tracks sound wonderful! Nice & Clean Harmonics!

  • CID

    how can i use this? install it?

  • @CID, you need a VST host to use this effect.

  • zeendegi

    so Thanks . . .

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