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Neuenberger updates JellyFilter to v2.0 beta

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Neuenberger JellyFilter v2.0 alpha

Neuenberger has updated JellyFilter from version 2.0 alpha to beta.

Updated since v2.0 alpha

  • Fixed Filters: Only the experimental Notch Filter needs some update now
  • Noise Frequency now has an effect on the sound
  • The LED Switch of the User Interface has been updated such that it correctly shows the current choice if the program changes
  • Updated the User Manual
  • Added “Energy” Parameter to enhance Distortion
  • Updated Patches: Snare, fm bass
  • Updated Oct Shift: Moved the Oct shift to the OSC section as a knob

Visit Neuenberger for more information and a link to download JellyFilter v2.0 beta.

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