New design?


Alright, it’s that time again… So I got bored with the plain white look of and made things quite a bit darker.

new design for rekkerd.orgnew design for – dark + bright green colors

What do you think: Yes, No or Fish?

I still need to work on a new-ish logo and do some fine tuning.

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  • dh

    I like the current design ALOT better.

  • Thanks for the comment. I’m a little hesitant myself since it’s a really big change… I got a little carried away and added some graphics as well, check this.

    Maybe I should just make a few little changes to the current site instead ;-)

  • Looza

    I like this design better too, the other one is way too dark. but why not use some nifty php to enable users to pick a design ?

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