New design, yes or no?


I generally get bored with website designs quite fast, but I have to admit the current blue/red design already lost it’s appeal after a few weeks.

I think the colors scream too much, so I’m trying to tone things down a bit. redesign 2007 screenshotscreenshot of redesign (click for larger image)

This design has more grey tone colors and the logo is much less adventurous (boring?). It also halves the amount of Google Adsense ads in the top of the page (which might cost me some revenue, but I don’t really like the current wide Adsense format, and it’s not like the ads generate much anyway).

So what do you think, is the new design better: yes, no or fish?

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  • And by not commenting you agree with the new design ;-)

  • Okay, the new design is in place. Please let me know if something looks odd or isn’t working properly. Thanks!

  • Looza

    mhh, sorry, haven’t checked the random section for a few days. I don’t like it, it’s too bland, please bring some colour back.

  • Hey Looza, thanks for the feedback.

    I actually was thinking of making it all grey tone colors, so it has more color than I originally wanted already ;-)

    Maybe I can style the post titles with some more color but I think I’ll keep the rest the way it is for now.

  • Looza

    well, you could use some slightly coloured grey, thats something I like… but this bright blue bar just looks odd at the moment.

    but, apart from that, it’s mainly about the information :)

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