Nicer Windows with Pitaschio


If you find the window manipulation features of Microsoft Windows a bit lacking, you might want to try Pitaschio (freeware).

Pitaschio includes a large number of useful functions.

  • Stick window to other windows when moving and resizing
  • Restrict window position to inside of the screen
  • Minimize window to system tray
  • Use small icons in the desktop
  • Disable Windows key, Insert key, Alt key etc.
  • Lock mouse or keyboard while you are cleaning keyboard or mouse
  • Take statistics about mouse and keyboard
  • Calculate Moon’s age
  • Pitaschio is a essential tool to use windows efficiently

You can even use Pitaschio to generate passwords.

Pitaschio configuration screenPitaschio configuration screen (click to see full dialog)

One of the features I enjoyed is mouse scrolling on a window’s title bar, which lets you change the transparency.

Just give it a try and download Pitaschio. If you don’t like it you can simple delete the files and forget about it.

Link via Download Squad

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