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NickCrow updates TubeDriver to v0.93

NickCrow TubeDriver v0.93 VST

Nikolai “NickCrow” Voronin has updated TubeDriver to v0.93.

The GUI was changed (improved IMO) and a filter was added. It also appears the plug-in is a little less CPU hungy.

Features v0.93

  • Bias: determines saturation characterization
  • Drive: determines the amount of gain applied by the tube stage
  • Volume: output level. (when light OVER – decrease VOLUME value)
  • Boost mode (12 db boost gain applied by the tube stage)
  • Mono mode (processes Left Input, outputs Left and Right)
  • Bypass mode
  • Phase switch of output signal (probable need in case serial connect few instance of TubeDriver for production heavy distortion)
  • Low-Pass Filter (enable/disable switch, cutoff and resonance controls)

Visit NickCrow‘s website for more information and a link to download the latest version of TubeDriver.

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