Nine Inch Nails leaves recording industry


Trent Reznor has announced that Nine Inch Nails will no longer be under any recording contract with any label.

NIN announcementTrent’s announcement on

It looks like this is the way to go for established artists. Direct marketing, and full artistic freedom… What’s the added value of the recording industry these days anyway? Even with a small budget, you can succesfully promote your music on the internet.

Link via TechCrunch

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  • Looza

    It will probably not be a problem for NiN, but you normally still need the big labels to get videos on the tv, airplay on the radio and a proper distribution for your music.

    I am really not against the Idea of labels in general, I just think the labels became something very bizarre and bad in the past decades. but the idea of a company promoting your music, securing your rights, distributing your music and generally just taking care of the business-end of the whole music-thing is really not a bad idea at all. it just became too much “industry” in the past.

  • You’re right Looza. The recording industry exists because there was a need for financing recordings, video clips, distribution etc. Unfortunately it looks like much of the mainstream industry has shifted from managing and supporting their artists, to marketing and exploiting them for short term profit instead.
    Then again, a lot of “popular music” doesn’t make it past a few hit singles anyway.

  • Looza

    I really think that’s something you need as a “small-time” artist. I recently met some guys in my city who do have a already known and working booking-agency and want to start a label now and it’s great to have guys with contacts, guys that can organize gigs, know audio-engineers, can get remix-jobs and so on and so forth. That’s something that would take a lot of time if I would do it all by myself. (the other option is to get an “agent” as soon as you feel your music is worth something).

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