nLab releases Monolite for Reaktor


nLab has announced the release of Monolite, an experimental noise/drone/fx Reaktor Ensemble.

Monolite features

  • 4 sine oscillators.
  • Tone cut filter + soft clipper saturation.
  • Grainer unit (granular processing).
  • FX unit with 17 different effects.
  • Automizable X-Y controller for fx.
  • High-quality reverb.
  • Low CPU-usage.
  • Note: The ensemble works best with Reaktor 5.6.1.

Monolite is available to purchase for 10 EUR.

More information: nLab

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  • This sounds pretty cool, esp. the soft clipping, and the interface looks good if a bit inscrutable from the video. But I know exactly how damn hard making Reaktor UI is so kudos to them for their efforts.

  • solaris

    great unit! one of the best drones machine in the market. simple, flexible and cheap! recommended.

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