NovaFlash releases Vocomorph (beta)

NovaFlash Vocomorph

NovaFlash has released a beta version of Vocomorph, a freeware vocoder effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Vocomorph features smooth transition (morph) between presets and filter bank modulation.

Note: Vocomorph is currently mono.

Download the latest version of Vocomorph here.

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  • ben

    Does anyone know how to assign a carrier signal other than playing the vst gui keys? I’d like to use my midi keyboard to trigger another synth that will become the carrier – but they always seem to become the input.

  • Hi Ben, I got word from the developer it is currently not possible to use another carrier.

    It’s not a priority at the moment since he’s busy with other things, but he said he might try to see if it’s possibly to implement it in Vocomorph.

  • hello,
    project aborted due to 2 recent excellent vocoder available for free too.

  • maxx

    parece bom

D16 Group Repeater delay plugin out now