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Novation releases ReMOTE SL COMPACT MIDI controller

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Novation has released the ReMOTE SL COMPACT, the first keyboard to provide an affordable route to automatic, instant and intelligent control of all major sequencers and all automatable plug-ins.

The ReMOTE SL COMPACT features Automap Universal, Novation’s unique sequencer and plug-in control protocol, providing automatic control of any automatable plug-in within any sequencer. Automap Universal removes the pain inherent in old school MIDI control, leaving the artist free to enjoy making music. Simply open up a plug-in and watch the parameters appear on the SL’s screens.


  • Automap Universal – Instant control over sequencers and plug-ins. Automap Universal removes the pain and time involved in assigning MIDI parameters.
  • Giant 144-character LCD screen – Frees the artist from being chained to the computer screen, placing all the essential data right alongside the relevant controls.
  • Semi-weighted keyboard with after-touch – Delivers the feeling of playing an instrument, rather than a computer peripheral.
  • Speed dial and PAC technology – Ultra-fast software control for composers and performers alike; at a click, the speed dial takes control of whatever the mouse is focused on.
  • Huge array of controls suitable for every need – The artist has the exact control setup they desire, no matter how complex the plug-in.
  • Large programmable drum pads – Eradicates the need for separate drumpad triggers, providing the ideal platform for sketching out beats or triggering samples.
  • Dedicated transport controls – Control the sequencer’s start, stop, loop, record, forward and rewind actions, direct from the MIDI controller, reducing reliance on mouse and screen.
  • MIDI I/O – Easy control over hardware synths, or enables an expansion of the control surface.
  • Xcite+ bundle – Includes a host of exciting software solutions, including Ableton LIve Lite 6 and over 1.5 gigs of samples and loops.

The ReMOTE SL COMPACTS costs £219.95 inc. VAT for the 25 key version, and the 49 key costs £269.95 inc. VAT.

Visit Novation for more information.

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  • d_h


    i have a remote 49LE.. i wish i would have waited a bit.. this LE is a wicked controller though.. so I can’t even imagine how much fun that lil sucker is…

  • loops

    Do you use the trigger pads? They seem a little bigger on the SL, but unfortunately there’s no X/Y touchpad.

  • d_h

    yeah, i got an xy on my LE… love it

  • adrian

    Hi and thx for the info . Great site .
    Also I would like to ask u if I can change vsti presets using this amazing controller . Or do u know a keyboard controller doing this important operation ?


  • loops

    Hi Adrian,
    Novation’s plug-in automap feature should take care of that.

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