NuBi LE freeware VSTi released

NuBi LE freeware drawbar organ VSTi

NuBi LE, a freeware drawbar organ VSTi is now available from


  • 75-note range (standard 61 pitches + added low octave + 2 extra high notes)
  • 9 “standard” drawbars
  • 3 scale modes – includes legacy gear tuning
  • 2 independent percussion voices with 4 mode algorithms
  • Advanced algorithm, adjustable Key Click level on Attack and Release
  • Fully configurable vibrato/chorus
  • Zipper-less expression pedal support via MIDI CC# 11
  • Very low CPU usage

Check for a link to download NuBi LE.

  • Trent

    Link is dead

  • ronnie

    Thanks right, PJ Geerlings stopped development on these a while ago.

    You can get the plug-in at Gersic:

  • Trent

    Okay, got it. thanks. Now if I can only get the Procol Harem sound style out of it.

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