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NuBi Plus, VFX and Spinner now free

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NuBi Plus VSTi

NuBi has set the NuBi Plus package free.

It seems development of these plug-ins has stopped and they will be available for download until the NuBi3 web domain expires. (remind me to put up links to these nice plug-ins when it does)

The NuBi Plus package contains:

  • NuBi Plus, a drawbar organ VSTi like NuBi LE but with some extra features (I have no idea what exactly, but the GUI looks ultra sweet!).
  • Spinner, a two band rotary chorus effect
  • and VFX, a two-band “cross-over” VST effect plug-in with “valve” effects

These plug-ins are really nice, so if you appreciate them please let the author know and email him.

You can download the NuBi Plus package here.

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  • Dan H

    Apparently the Nubi3 web domain has expired. I have the original I manual version and was hoping to update to the 2 manual version. Is it still posible to find that somewhere? Anyone know? Thanks.

  • loops
  • gary

    That link’s dead now too, but I found it here:


  • psilas

    AWSOME organ is this.

    It is ultra smooth and can even replicate the farfisa sound Floyd used to get in the late 60’s.

    I can get a GREAT Cirrus Minor sound out of Nubi.

    For free its an essential VST!

  • Nomaly

    The SpinnerLE plugin is great and I’d love to get the full, non-LE version but it appears to not exists on the web. That’s too bad because it’s such a great plugin!

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