Nucleus SoundLab and TPSD launch Pay-What-You-Want Christmas ReFill Bundle

Nucleus SoundLab / TPSD Christmas Bundle

Nucleus SoundLab has announced a Pay-What-You-Want Christmas ReFill Bundle in collaboration with Tom Pritchard Sound Design.

In the spirit of indie game and music bundles, Nucleus SoundLab and Tom Pritchard Sound Design launch the Christmas 2012 ReFill Bundle. The bundle allows you to choose your price for a package of 9 amazing Reason ReFills by these two proven ReFill developers.

For a minimum of $9.99 you can get some musical inspiration courtesy some of the best Reason ReFills out there: Synthesis Collection, Pantheon III, Celluloid Beats and Ambient Drums.

Pay $49.99 and you get three more amazing ReFills as well: GuitarScapes, Synthetic Kits and Filter Research 2. All told, the combined regular price of both ReFill tiers is almost $300! Top Contributors will also receive further prizes.

The Christmas 2012 ReFill Bundle is the perfect bit of holiday cheer for any discerning Reason musician or producer. But it won’t last forever – the sale ends December 28th, 2012. Happy Holidays from everyone at Nucleus SoundLab and Tom Pritchard Sound Design!

More information: Nucleus SoundLab