Nugen Audio Giveaway: Win a Mix & Mastering plugin of your choice

Nugen Audio is offering you a chance to win a plugin in its Mix & Mastering product range.

Nugen Audio Mix & Mastering plugins

Used by some of the biggest names in the industry, these award-winning tools deliver outstanding audio fidelity under the most demanding conditions. NUGEN Audio mix and mastering products give you an easy, direct and natural way to work with the sound, and all the power-user control you need for perfect finesse.

Nugen Audio mix & mastering tools

  • MasterCheck — Mix & Master for the modern world including iTunes, Spotify & DAB Radio. Internationality recognised loudness, dynamics & true-peak metering for the music producer.
  • ISL 2st — World class, broadcast-quality limiting, essential for any audio production. It’s never been quicker or easier to ensure top quality sound & standard compliance.
  • SEQ-ST — Ground breaking direct-draw and match EQ allowing rapid and effortless construction of complex curves through a unique, elegant interface.
  • Stereoizer — High-specification stereo image manipulation tool for natural expansion, reduction and introduction of stereo width at any stage of the audio production process.
  • Stereoplacer — Adjust the position of percussion sounds in a stereo track, or add stereo positioning to mono samples, placing frequencies exactly where you want them.
  • Monofilter — Trusted by producers the world over, Monofilter secures bass solidly within your mix. Firmly anchor the power, while retaining essential character and perceived spatial form.
  • Visualizer — Comprehensive audio analysis in a single plug-in, giving you access to all the views you need, all within a single intelligent window system.
  • Stereo Pack Elements — Effortlessly accessible access to advanced stereo enhancement, correction and bass frequency management.

For chance to win one of the above plugins, simply let us know in the comments which plugin you’d like to win, and why.

We will pick a random winner from all comments submitted before Sunday, March 27th, 11:59pm CET. Note that by entering this giveaway you agree to sign up for the Nugen Audio newsletter.

Good luck!

More information: Nugen Audio

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  • Kakaxa

    Stereoizer, because is very versatile and with reasonable use uniquely good sounding.

  • U-o

    Visualizer – looking for something like this for long time.

  • svrc

    Hi. I’d like to see a good Visualizer on my DAW.

  • Sebastian Schmidt

    ISL 2st – sounds amazing !

  • Maxfell

    Hello! I’m interested in SEQ-ST. Don’t have it. Looks very powerful and versatile. Also very good looking interface.

  • tomsh

    Stereoplacer – it is exactly what I’m looking for!

  • All are impressive tools, but I would go with Monofilter as my choice.

  • Steve Chab

    Stereo Pack Elements, please!

  • Owen Philp

    Monofilter – as I firmly believe the bass is the foundation of a track.

  • Philippe G

    ISL 2 ST because it would fill a gap in my plugin arsenal (mostly to avoid codec distortion)

  • MogwaiBoy

    I am most interested in SEQ-ST as I am currently mastering my own duo projects’ album – I’m looking for a powerful, surgical, linear phase frequency manipulator – and this looks like exactly what I want!

  • Monofilter please! Kbyethnx :)

  • stephen ankrum

    don’t own any of their plugin s,but have heard good things.Need something to master besides ik multimedias plugin.

  • Crystal Craft

    Monofilter sounds nice :)

  • Edward Ten Eyck

    ISL 2st because I’ve been wanting it for a while to replace my current limiter.

  • Lesha

    MasterCheck would come in handy for checking the levels required for different platforms and different loudness standards.

  • Rob Kriston

    Stereoizer because my current stereo plugs SUCK.

  • vaseff

    SEQ-ST please – looks great!

  • Mar Cel

    Stereo Pack Elements. Please :)

  • pottering

    SEQ-ST, please, the list of features looks impressive, the 3 independent curves for L/R and M/S sounds simple, but I don’t remember other plugin with the feature

  • Barking Fish Tunes

    Monofilter – it’s awesome plugin.

  • mistrust

    Visualiser please because I’ll be able to finally see just how rubbish my mastering ability is!

  • staudtgc

    MasterCheck sounds useful to me!

  • DoctorBob

    Hi there, SEQ-ST looks like a great and elegant solution to a tricky subject! Yes Please!!!! dB

  • Chris Coulthard

    ISL would come in very handy…

  • Oscar

    Isl2 please. I want it to secure peak levels in a comedy show for a Spanish TV.

  • Loïs

    Stereoplacer : why ? Because this plugin is U N I Q U E !!

  • 3ee

    Visualizer looks interesting and useful … I like that there are multiple views/tools in one plugin.

  • Marcus Rasseli

    It would be great If I had MasterCheck.

  • JussSomeBloke

    I’d love to win Visualizer =)

  • Soundmopi

    They are all great! I would go for Monofilter. Thx Nugen Audio!

  • Indyengineer1

    Mastercheck sounds great!

  • I would love MasterCheck because it addresses my specific needs in making sure my mixes translate to all platforms.

  • Fazıl Irak

    SEQ-ST of course, because left/right control is unique, mid/side control, shaper transient and cool sound ;) Its very good.

  • Antal Nusselder

    I would love SEQ-ST. I can really use a good EQ!

  • Philip Hansmann

    I´d love to master the art of mastering!

  • Marcus Mittilä

    SEQ-ST, seems very useful!

  • I already own: ISL 2st, excellent audio quality limiter, Monofilter, great especially for vinyl’s mastering, and Visualizer, perfect to check phase values in all the audio spectrum. I wish to win the Stereoplacer to better control anti-phase and stereo positioning through the entire audio spectrum when I do mastering.

  • Lionel

    Nugen audio, you rock! Stereoizer would give my sounds that which they lack!

  • Koen Veldeman

    I would love to have MasterCheck. Because loudness metering is an increasingly important tool for professional mastering. And MasterCheck seems to offer just that, with it’s attractive and streamlined interface. Fingers crossed! :-)

  • Matteo Scolari

    Happy owner of the Stereo Pack here, Nugen plugins are on all my mixes since I bought it :)
    Visualizer is the ultimate analysis plugin and I’m sure it would be a time saving and problem solving tool. I can picture it quite well sitting on the master-buss of every mix

  • Trent Williams

    Visualiser; because I have never used another HUD for audio that came close to how user friendly NUGEN Visualiser is.

  • Prof.Logik

    Could definitely use Stereo Pack Elements looks very useful.Good luck to everyone though.

  • Dizzl

    SEQ-ST… WOW :)

  • Pablo Cesar

    They are all awesome! Monofilter is a beast! Thanks!

  • stormskuggan

    Mastercheck seems really useful and would help me alot! Thanks!

  • Lucaluca

    I would find stereopack elements very useful to get the bass right while also carving space and a nice wide mix.

  • 4tune

    Monofilter would certainly come in useful here!

  • I’d love a copy of monofilter since I wan’t my bass to both bounce around my head and kick me in the bum.

  • Erique Claesan

    Visualizer would be wonderful. Thanks!!

  • Lots of great stuff, but if just one then I’d have to go with Visualizer.

  • Great! :)

  • Juan

    I’m a proud of Visualizer and it’s by far the best price-performance ratio you can get on an analysis plug-in. Right now I’m in dire need of an MS Plug-in and SEQ has been the best I’ve tried so far.

  • Jera Cravo

    I would love to win MasterCheck because knowing how your mix/master will sound on all “modern” platforms and how loud it will be compared to other comercial releases is one of the most important aspects, we engineers, have to worry about today.

  • Neil

    Mono filter for me please. My Bass sounds pretty good but I am convinced this will give it that extra shape and improve my mixes significantly.

  • David Whannel

    SEQ-S Equalizer for complete control.

  • TheNoiseSmith

    I could really use MasterCheck. I currently have no software to get sound right on different platforms, and you really need to do that now.

  • Sasha

    MasterCheck. Let’s start from basics.

  • Nicole V Danni

    SEQ-ST because it would be very useful.

  • Harold

    Visualizer would be a big help understanding differences in source material!

  • Trista Namo

    Visualizer to assist my ears

  • Konstantins

    MasterCheck would be a great addition to my vsts! I plan to release my music on platforms like iTunes etc. and it would help me a lot to get the most of my tracks sound wise.

  • James

    ISL 2st – I need a broadcast quality limiter to deliver clean masters for media

  • Scott Burniston

    Stereo packs element – I’m obsessed with bass!

  • And the winner is… pottering! Congrats, you’ll get an email on how to get your copy of SEQ-ST soon.
    Thanks to all for playing.

    • pottering

      Wow! Amazing! Thank you very much, Rekkerd and Nugen!

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