Ohm Force announces 50% discount on QuadFrohmage and Symptohm:Melohman

Ohm Force has announced a 50% discount on QuadFrohmage and Symptohm:Melohman throughout April, 2009.

During his recent visit in France for the G20 meeting, our hip-nice-president Ohmbama asked us for contribute to world’s economy relaunching – giving a temporary -50% discount for our two most expensive plug-ins.

So from today, April 8th, and during the whole April month, our filter bank QuadFrohmage and our synth Symptohm:Melohman will be half priced for the purchase of new licenses.

The discount is open to everyone (no discount coupons required). The plug-ins are available at reduced prices from the Ohm Force webstore.

Visit Ohm Force for more information.

Producers Choice
  • Francisco C

    I would like to thank Ohm Force for their corny sense of humor and for offering this discount long after I overpaid for Symptohm. Let’s see what other plug-ins they could come up with, instead of their dumb-looking T-shirts. :(

  • I love my Ohm shirt, got one of those “vintage” hemp ones [/bragg mode off]

    I also like Ohm’s plug-ins a lot, but I didn’t have to pay lots of cash for them so I am biased I guess.

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