Overloud announces March Specials

Overloud has announced March Specials, offering a discount on its Breverb and TH1 products.

For a limited time customers may purchase Overloud’s BREVERB plug-in and TH1 Guitar Amp Effects plug-in for a very reduced price. From now through April 15, 2010 BREVERB will be offered at a special promotional price of $219 (normally $399) and TH1 will be offered at $199 (normally $349).

Overloud March Specials

Breverb, is a high-end algorithmic reverberation plug-in which faithfully recreates the sound of hardware reverbs while keeping the CPU load very low. Breverb combines a hardware-like user interface with the flexibility of a well thought-out software plug-in and uncompromising sound quality. It includes four different algorithms, Hall, Room, Plate, and Inverse, with dozens of presets.

TH1 is Overloud’s 4th generation tube and analog emulation guitar effects suite. Exclusive features include SLR technology that morphs between amps, 3D positioning of microphones in front of cabinets, and VariFire, a Gain-Character control for expanded distortion color control. TH1 also includes 10 amplifier models, 21 cabinets, 18 microphones, and 65 stomp boxes, pedals and rack effects.

Breverb and TH1 are distributed in North America by ILIO.

More information: Overloud

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  • Synphy

    A friend of mine just LOVES the TH1 guitar software. He initially downloaded a warez version and loved it so much that he bought the offical app. Commendable, sure, but when he installed the iLok driver, it erased his hard drive. Thinking it was something HE had done wrong, he re-installed the OS, some apps, and then when he installs the iLok driver, again it erases his hard drive. I LOL’d for a week after that. He talked me, his computer programmer buddy, into diagnosing the problem and I found out the iLok overwrote his HD partition table. What I don’t know is whether this is incompetent programming or vindictive DRM protection retaliation. But in the end he returned TH1, and is back to running the warez version. He couldn’t record any music for over two weeks because of this and also lost a half dozen songs he had finished because he hadn’t yet backed them up. I’m still laughing.

  • It’s rather sad that some of these protection schemes can cause so much trouble. Although I don’t think using pirated software is a good solution to your friend’s problem, this case illustrates well how counterproductive anti-piracy measures can be.

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