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Plektron releases Guitar Amp 2.0 & Guitar Amp 2 Free Edition

Plektron has announced the release of Guitar Amp 2.0 and Guitar Amp 2 Free Edition, two guitar/bass effects and amplifier plug-ins for Windows. Guitar amp 2 offers wide set of amplifiers and effects. Using it … read more

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Nick Crow updates TubeDriver free tube amp plug-in to v1.3

Nick Crow Lab has released version 1.3 of TubeDriver, a free amp effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. TubeDriver is a Tube Amplifier Emulation for Windows (VST) and Mac OS X (VST & AU). It’s … read more

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AXP releases SoftDrive GV guitar distortion plugin

AXP has released SoftDrive GV, a free virtual-analog model of the Marshall “Guv’nor” and “Guv’nor GV-2 Plus” guitar distortion effects. The Guv’nor is a solid-state distortion pedal first issued in 1989 to recreate the sound … read more

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xoxos releases expodrum

xoxos has released expodrum, a freeware VSTi which stacks two separately processed oscillators (sine, noise, sample). Expodrum is made for general purpose percussion timbres. Also, Gato3 (unique gater with time-ratio syncing) has been updated to … read more

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xoxos releases Pling3

xoxos has released Pling3, an all-purpose plucked string model suitable for synthesis and emulations. Pling3 applies my ideal of technologies used for modeling plucked strings. The instrument presents an elementary platform which can be combined … read more

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xoxos releases Skunk

xoxos has released Skunk, a four part algorithmic percussion sequencer. Probability is used to determine which of eight sequences follows the current selection. This concatenative effect is useful for cross-rhythms and other simple rhythmic automations. … read more

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xoxos releases Virtual Machine

xoxos has released Virtual Machine, a commuted synthesis emulation of motors and similar mechanical sounds. The core of VM uses a pulse clock to generate a series of short impulses. This is used to model … read more

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LePou Plugins LeCto, free guitar amp simulator

LePou Plugins has released LeCto, a free guitar amp simulator effect for Windows. LeCto is a guitar amp simulator inspired by an american modern high gain head. This simulator has 2 channels with 3 modes … read more

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xoxos Spring2 spring reverb

xoxos has released Spring2, a spring reverb emulation effect plug-in for Windows. Spring2 uses conventional signal processing techniques to model the well-known spring reverb effect. While significantly more CPU power would be required to achieve … read more

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TSE Plugins releases TSE X30

TSE Plugins has released TSE X30, a free high-gain guitar amplifier effect plug-in for Windows. TSE X30 features 4X (internal) oversampling. 2 channels crunch/lead. 4 band EQ/Tonestack. DSP/Programming by onQel, GUI made by DaWolf. Includes … read more

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