Loopbased intros Vinyl Philosophy 2, Chronicle, Ubertwang Bundle Vols 1-3 & more

Loopbased has released 12 new sound packs from its partners, including titles by Loopoholics, Kryptic, Vanilla Groove Studios, FlyLoops, Speedsound, and more. New packs at Loopbased Hip Hop Vinyl Returns 2 by Big Citi Loops’ … read more

Reveal Sound intros Commercial House for Spire

Reveal Sound has introduced Commercial House, a soundset by Spartan Sounds for the Spire synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. Spartan Sounds are proud to present our new range of presets created towards the House … read more

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ADSR Sounds intros Sylenth Masterclass tutorial course

ADSR Sounds has launched the Sylenth Masterclass, a new video tutorial course on the Sylenth1 synthesizer instrument from Lennar Digital. Echo Sound Works and ADSR presents the Sylenth Masterclass Video Tutorial. In just a little … read more

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LinPlug releases Ian Boddy Signature soundset for Spectral

LinPlug has launched LinPlug Sounds Spectral: Ian Boddy Signature, a soundset for the Spectral synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. 100 fine Ian Boddy Sounds for Spectral. Containing a vast variety of electronic sounds from … read more

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Reveal Sound releases Melbourne Bounce for Spire Volume 2

Reveal Sound has introduced Melbourne Bounce for Spire Vol 2, the second part of a series of Melbourne Bounce for Spire by Banger Music Records. The perfect pack for Music Producer of Bounce, EDM, Dance, … read more

Steinberg releases Granular Guitars by Simon Stockhausen

Steinberg has announced the release of Granular Guitars, the second signature expansion pack exclusively for the Padshop and Padshop Pro granular synthesizers, created by composer and designer Simon Stockhausen. Granular Guitars is an expansion pack … read more

Elektron releases Depth & Vision for Analog Four & Keys

Elektron has announced the release of Depth & Vision, a sound pack for the Analog Four and Analog Keys synthesizers. 128 brand new patches for the Analog Four and Keys have been made available free … read more

Sample Logic releases Cinematic Keys for Kontakt Player

Sample Logic has announced the release of Cinematic Keys, a Kontakt Player powered library featuring a collection of 850+ traditional and mutilated Instruments & Multis derived entirely from recordings of keyboard instruments. Weighing in at … read more

Hinton & Fairchild releases BIGKIXDIPPA plugin

Hinton & Fairchild have released BIGKIXDIPPA, a free sidechain emulator effect plug-in for Windows. Hinton & Fairchild’s BIGKIXDIPPA is a Side-Chain Emulation Effects Pug-in for Win32. The ideal partner to BIGROOMKIXSYNTH, this Host Synced Volume … read more

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Wavesfactory releases Freelodica for Kontakt

Wavesfactory has announced the release of Freelodica, a free sampled 32 keys Hohner Melodica for Native Instruments Kontakt. 2 microphone positions with stereo width controls. Envelope, key-noise and air volume control. 3x optional round robin … read more

Reveal Sound releases EDM Bundle Vol.1

Reveal Sound has launched EDM Bundle Vol.1, a discounted collection of four soundsets for the Spire synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. ALL-IN-ONE EDM Bundle. Perfect for All EDM genres such as Progressive, Electro, Trance, … read more

ADSR intros Kid Zero Dubstep Pallet Bundle

ADSR Sounds has introduced Dubstep Pallet Bundle, a soundset by Kid Zero for the Massive synthesizer instrument from Native Instruments. Introducing the biggest, baddest, most aggressive dubstep pack to hit ADSR! Kid Zero’s Dubstep Pallet … read more

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Cinesamples releases Artist Series Tina Guo library for Kontakt

Cinesamples has announced the release of Tina Guo, a new Artist Series instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt & Kontakt Player. This library offers an exquisitely unique and progressive take on the Acoustic and Electric … read more

ADSR Sounds releases Melbourne Bounce for Sylenth & Massive

ADSR Sounds has launched Melbourne for Sylenth, and Melbourne Bounce for NI Massive, two new soundsets featuring 50 patches each for Melbourne Bounce music productions. Stabby bass sounds for that throbbing off beat rhythm, talk … read more

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Loopmasters releases free Monster Sounds Label Sampler 3 + 30% off sale

Loopmasters has announced the release of the Monster Sounds Label Sampler 3, a free sample pack featuring sounds from previously released Monster Sounds packs. Included are sounds from 5 packs we have chosen from our … read more

EverythingTurns releases Wraith for Reaktor

EverythingTurns has announced the release of Wraith, a PolyMod Rack series polyphonic modular analog synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor. Wraith is available in two form factors, the larger Wraith SQR has two built-in sequencers … read more

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Freshly Squeezed Samples releases Sunny Lax Spire Essentials

Freshly Squeezed Samples has launched Sunny Lax Spire Essentials Vol 1, a new soundset featuring a collection of presets for the Spire synthesizer instrument by Reveal Sound. With 128 club-orientated Spire presets, this sound set … read more

Novation announces Audiohub 2×4 audio interface

Novation has introduced Audiohub 2×4, a combined audio interface and USB hub for electronic music production. It can take a lot of gear to produce a great tune. That’s why we designed Audiohub 2×4: a … read more

Puremagnetik releases Mark Two Berlin

Puremagnetik has launched Mark Two Berlin, a distinctively unique and versatile instrument recorded from a restored Fender Rhodes MKII. Mark Two Berlin was salvaged from a Berlin collector and brought back to life after many … read more

KVR launches u-he Synth Bundle Giveaway – Win ACE, Bazille, Diva & Zebra

KVR has launched a u-he Synth Bundle Giveaway, offering a chance to win the ACE, Bazille, Diva and Zebra synthesizer instruments. We’ve teamed up with u-he this month to give you the chance to win … read more

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