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WOK releases Ghost, free drone synth plugin

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WOK Ghost

WOK has released Ghost, a freeware drone synthesizer instrument for Windows.

What is it? Something that makes a sound.

How to use? Adjust Attack/Release with the one knob and press + hold one or more keys on your keyboard.

Is it made with Synthedit? YES! So it’s big, a CPU hog, might crash your host, is NOT available for overpriced MAC computers and is responsible for all the evil in the world (incl. Rave and Facebook).

Drone for Windows (VST) is available as a free download here.

More information: WOK / KVR Audio


WOK releases Notenspeicher MIDI plugin

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WOK has announced the release of Notenspeicher, a MIDI VST plugin for Windows.

WOK Notenspeicher
Record a sequence step by step and play it back in various modes with Notenspeicher.

NOTENSPEICHER is a MIDI recorder / step sequencer with maximum ease of use: just record MIDI notes step by step and play them back in various ways.

The plugin holds up to 64 notes and plays them back transposed with selectable speed in sync to the host; nonstop, while a key is pressed or step by step.

Each sequence is saved as a VST preset, so 128 sequences can be accessed by program change.
Easy to use, with a nice vintage looking GUI.

The VST plugin for Windows is available to purchase for 3 EUR.

More information: WOK / Notenspeicher


WOK releases UNCLE SAM synth plugin

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WOK has announced the release of UNCLE SAM, the extended analog synth module plugin for Windows.

With the VST plugin SAM in 2011 WOK released a virtual version of the famous Oberheim SEM module.

UNCLE SAM now is the new, bigger version with more features, like different filter types and an FX unit.


Uncle SAM features

  • Modelled after the classic Oberheim design.
  • MIDI functions and mod matrix like the new MIDI SEM module.
  • OSC sync.
  • Ring modulator.
  • Delay with host sync.
  • Dual chorus (Roland style).
  • Stereo detuner/chorus (Superwave style).
  • Full-fledged envelopes.
  • Third (sub) oscillator.
  • Extra envelope for ringmod/noise/VCO mod.
  • Filter blend between LP-HP and Comb /Notch / BP.
  • LP/HP/BP filter switchable between 12db / 24db.
  • Polyphonic.

UNCLE SAM for Windows (VST) is available for 58 EUR.

More information: WOK / Uncle SAM


WOK announces SAM virtual Oberheim SEM module emulation

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WOK has announced SAM, a VST recreation of the famous Oberheim™ SEM module.

While the soundwise construction is similar to the hardware unit, some limitations have been eliminated in the software version; so there is polyphony, a second LFO, a noise source and PWM for the saw waveform.

Special attention was given to recreate the analog variably of seperate hardware circuits for the audio paths in polyphonic mode.

SAM will be available end of August as a VST plugin for Windows with an introductory offer.

More information: WOK


WOK announces ClockWOrK

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WOK ClockWorK

WOK has announced ClockWOrK, a MIDI step sequencer plug-in for Windows.

Ever wanted to do these hypnotic sequencer lines known from Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream but found out about the price of hardware step sequencers?

Now you can have this as a PC VST plugin: Clockwork, a MIDI Stepsequencer plugin for your DAW, giving you all the options of the vintage hardware at a mouseclick. Perfect for controlling it with external control boxes like Novation Nocturn or others!

ClockWOrK features

  • Clear and easy interface
  • Number of steps selectable (up to 16)
  • Note per step selectable from 3 octaves with display
  • Additional row for velocity or MIDI CC
  • Each step can be muted or skipped (!)
  • Sequence transpose by MIDI input
  • Selectable speed (clock divide)
  • Manual step thru the sequence with button or MIDI key
  • Reset to a specific step manually or on bar start
  • Play only when MIDI key is pressed
  • Random play
  • Supports automation by your host (like “Learn” in Reaper or Energy or Novation Automap)
  • MIDI-ouput; any plugin or synthesizer can be used as sound source

ClockWOrK will be available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: WOK / ClockWOrK


WOK releases Estrima vintage string ensemble emulation

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WOK Estrima

WOK has announced the release of Estrima, a virtual string machine instrument for Windows.

Liking this lush pad sound of the 60s/70s ? ESTRIMA is the little sister of our Cromina string machine. It creates this famous, swirling sound with a minimum of hassle. Also there is a choir voicing on board to treat you ears with this old “Aaahh”-sound ;-)

Unlike our big Cromina, it does not have the full polyphonic octave divider simulation, but a simplified phase lock for the 20 voices to reduce CPU load. There is a paraphonic envelope simulation too.

Also on board is a 3x chorus and a deep phaser. The waveform-shape of strings and choir can be varied to achieve the sound of different vintage machines. Auto pitch-bend (for the choir) and vibrato complete this straightforward little toy.

Estrima for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the “Spring-2013-Maya-fail” introductory price of 9.87 EUR.

More information: WOK / Estrima


WOK releases Mixtube tube stage simulator plugin

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WOK Mixtube

WOK has released Mixtube, a tube stage effect plug-in for Windows.

One of the secrets for the special, warm sound of old recordings was the usage of mixing desks with tube input stages in past times. As you know, tube amplifying has many different effects on the audio signal like adding overtones, smoothening transients and so on.

With Mixtube, we carefully implemented these effects into an easy to use VST effect plugin. Insert Mixtube into each channel of your recording and/or the master channel, and enjoy a warmer, thicker sound of your music, with every signal fitting better in the mix.

Mixtube for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 28 EUR.

More information: WOK / Mixtube