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  • muharrem

    Paylaşım İçin çok teşekkürler dostum

  • Mesut Başaran

    Hİ DAN!

    İ am a friend of Muharrem Yıldırım,he had taken contact to you. He is helping me to my Production Music,he is very good in PC ‘s.İ am not so good in Computer,but İ play since a long time El. Guitar and Keyboards,and have much expirience in Rock,Funk,Jazz and Comercial Music. Now İam making Production of Trance-Funk-Soul Eltr. Music.Making A very new different Style everybody who don’t su much like this Kind of Music ,and if they here my Productions are Dancing while there are Sitting.İ want to Run Up to the Product. of Black Whole from Tiesto’s Album İn search of Sunrise 2006. Making and want to make a Litle bit better than them,İ thing there was more than 20 different Musicians to finich this Album.İ am Alone like You making my own Album of 15 Tracks it is not heareable that one Musician made this Productions,every track has a different akcent,3 Tracks are Mastered,5 are nearly finiched,5 are60% undre Konstruction and 10 new searches to build Dancefloor Music. No primitive Sounds and repeating simple Unharmonic Shits,no Rap.My Company is able to make and to sale Managed and Produced Music. İf You look to ANTALYA RİTİM this is my L.t.d Company.İf you Here Arm.v. Burren or Van Dyk and so its heareable their nearly same Style.İ made also a Compilation of 14 Hours Best Tunes in technical High Class Mixing.Best Dancefloor Music from1976 final 2008.Using Denon 2600F,very best Cd Player İ sow.Have also 2 Pioneer CDJ 800 dont like them took me in Trouble while Playing Start is to Slow (in m/s),but DJM 600 Mixer is ok İ use it .Using M Audio 88 Midi,İ am Playing all İnstruments ,Recording ,Special Tunes on Syntys and Vst ‘is,Mixing and Mastering. İ have also Allen Heath ML 5000 best Analog Mix. the world (using in Concerts and Events).İ hope to make my own Concerts whith my Completely Eqipment -as
    DANCEFLOOR PİLOT TUSEM(My name reading from backside). Okay DAN wrote a lot of rite words,its so how İ write.Hope in 7-10 Months the Album is redy to sale in the hole World,hope You to come to Antalya to have Contact to You,if You come to Holliday and Musical Talks and Works. Yours Cincerly Mesut.
    also Muharrem

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