reFX Vanguard

This page contains patches and sound banks for Vanguard by reFX.

Vanguard is a synth featuring advanced analog-modelling synthesis with 3 oscillators and up to 32 voices.

Download patches/sound banks

ID Title Sound designer
941 downloadSector7 for reFX Vanguard (DEMO) Soundgasm
833 downloadPro-Sounds Genusis Demo Pro-Sounds
795 downloadNo Trance Demo (24 presets) Xenos
542 downloadStates of Mind speccyteccy
541 downloadGirlfriends speccyteccy
540 downloadCreatures speccyteccy
521 downloadVanguard Trance & PsyTrance Second Sight Sound Design
441 downloadProSounds Vanguard FreeSet 2 Pro-Sounds
440 downloadVStation ProSounds V Variety Demo Pro-Sounds
433 downloadProSounds Vanguard FreeSet 1 Pro-Sounds
432 downloadVanguard PS SSS1 demo Pro-Sounds
431 downloadVanguard ProSounds USO demo Pro-Sounds
430 downloadVanguard ProSounds USB1 demo Pro-Sounds
429 downloadVanguard ProSounds New Variants Demo Pro-Sounds
428 downloadPS Vanguard SSS2 demo Pro-Sounds
427 downloadPS Vanguard QTC demo Bank Pro-Sounds
426 downloadPS Vanguard CTE demo Pro-Sounds

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