Andrej A. Golob

This page contains patches and sound banks by Andrej A. Golob.

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
684 downloadAAG TheBlue v2 presets TheBlue v2
667 downloadAAG PolyKeys presets PolyKeys
602 downloadAAG iloSynth iloSynth 1
512 downloadAAG SubDuer SubDuer
498 downloadAAG Pixelopera Pixel Opera
485 downloadAAG Daedalus Daedalus
473 downloadAAG BarkingWombat Barking Wombat
411 downloadAAG 3-Osc VA 3-Osc VA
410 downloadAAG GFP beta presets GFP beta
156 downloadAAG LightIndustry2 Light Industry
70 downloadAAG DreamZ DreamZ
52 downloadAAG Zodiac6 Cairn Zodiac-6
5 downloadAAG PhazOscVSTi PhazOsc

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