This page contains patches and sound banks by dj.tuBIG/MaliceX.

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
776 downloaddjtBMX ZebraCM Presets ZebraCM
532 download24D Oatmeal
531 downloadHelix Noob (74patches) Helix
530 downloaddjtBMX Bank1 WIP KarmaFX Synth Modular
489 downloaddjtBMX – Hypersonic Patches v1.01 Hypersonic 2
484 downloadFour Coverta Meet Oatmeal
409 downloaddj.tuBIG/MaliceX Oatmeal Oatmeal

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Accusonus Regroover Pro
  • Spol (NNNEZ)

    Great work bro!


    Gran trabajo amigo


D16 Group Repeater delay plugin out now