Moe Shinola

This page contains patches and sound banks by Moe Shinola, a data entry clone/coffeehouse layabout who lives in Kansas City Missouri.

You can check Moe’s music at MySpace.

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
834 downloadUsabilityPM NitrousPM
701 downloadMoe Shinola AlphaII Pretty Good B&B Alpha2
700 downloadMoe’s easy-jupit8R Pads & Leads easy-jupit8R
637 downloadMoe’s B&B bank #1 ANGSTkILLERmini
636 downloadMoe’s Bass Lead & Motif Bank NOVAkILLER
618 downloadMocheese MoeS RetroPhatBank Mocheese
615 downloadPro Free B&B P-600 II
500 downloadBest Bass & Seq Bank for Phobia Station Phobia Station
111 downloadMoe Zeth Bread & Butter ZetH
110 downloadMoe Silkworm SilkyPads Silkworm
109 downloadMoe SE64 Bass & Seq Collection SE64
108 downloadMoe KarnageV15 MostlyPads Karnage
107 downloadMoe GTG 13 Digilogue Collection GTG 13
106 downloadMoe Crystal 2.4 FurtivePads Crystal
105 downloadMoe CM101 CM101
103 downloadMoe IdKILLERv2 IDkILLER V2
102 downloadMoe GodkillerIII PulseFactory GODkILLER III
101 downloadMoe GodkillerIII Bread & Butter GODkILLER III
100 downloadMoe FearkillerX2 BestBank FEARkILLER X2
99 downloadMoe BRAiNKILLER LotsaModBank#1 BRAINkILLER
98 downloadMoe Shinola Patch Collection

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