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This page contains patches and sound banks by Tim Conrardy.

Update: Tim passed away on February 28, 2009. He will be missed by many… Visit the memorial website for more info.

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
14 downloadTC-Absynth2 Absynth
15 downloadTC-ARP2600V ARP2600 V
16 downloadTC-CFX-Unison Unison
17 downloadTC-Crystal1 Crystal
18 downloadTC-Crystal2 Crystal
19 downloadTC-Crystal3 Crystal
20 downloadTC-EZ-Poly EZ-Poly
21 downloadTC-Face The Face
22 downloadTC-Foo Foorius
23 downloadTC-FreeAlpha FreeAlpha
24 downloadTC-GrandElectrix Grand Electrix
25 downloadTC-Karnage Karnage
26 downloadTC-Metallurgy Metallurgy
27 downloadTC-Motion Motion
28 downloadTC-Oatmeal_Bank_01 Oatmeal
29 downloadTC-Osiris6 Osiris-6
30 downloadTC-Plex Plex
31 downloadTC-POCAS POCAS
32 downloadTC-Polyibit polyIblit
34 downloadTC-RichardBrooks-vsc5 VSC5
35 downloadTC-Sonata Sonata
36 downloadTC-SuperwaveP8 Superwave P8
37 downloadTC-Synth1 Synth1
38 downloadTC-Toxic_FXP Toxic
39 downloadTC-UKAS UKAS
40 downloadTC-UnoFM Uno FM
41 downloadTC-vurtbox vurtbox
42 downloadTC-WOF_1 Wheel of Fortune
45 downloadTC-WusikStation-FKPlus1.zip Wusikstation
43 downloadTC-Wusikstation1 Wusikstation
44 downloadTC-WusikStation_DigiOne Wusikstation
46 downloadTC-Yava2 YAVA2
33 downloadTC_Rhino Rhino
13 downloadTim Conrardy Patch Collection

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  • http://www.macjams.com cormac brenock

    Really appreciate the time , effort and talent that people have put into creating the virtual synths and the presets that go with them.
    Whoever you people are take a bow you have made music more accessible to the world and stretched the sonic imaginations of hundreds of thousands.
    I would also like to pay my respects to the man mentioned above Tim Conrardy.
    I did not know him but checked out the memorial website , if I could do but a fraction of what he has done I would be well pleased .
    Looks like the Gods wanted a talented genius.
    All the best and thanks once again for keeping this Irishman busy in sonic cosmos.