Peter den Herder releases Bank2 for Synth1

Synth1 v1.0.7

Peter den Herder has released Bank2, a collection of free patches for Synth1.

Synth1 Bank2 features

  • 100 patches for the VST(i)/DXi, Synth1V1.07.
  • Includes: synthbasses, synth brass, arpeggio’s, gated sounds, TB-103 sounds, soundfx and more.
  • Genre: Mainly Dance.
  • Color of the sound categories: Lead = purple, Bass = orange, Strings/pads = blue, Arpeggio’s/Gated sounds = yellow, Sound fx = green, Other = pink.

Synth1 Bank2 demo

Bank2 for Synth1 can be downloaded here.

Note: it is not allowed to distribute these files without explicit prior written permission from the author.

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  • survei

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Synth1 but I’ve never tried it. But since there are a few preset banks at KVR and this one, I think I’ll have to check it out at least for the banks that are out there.

  • Synth1 is really nice. You have to register to get these (free) but I recommend you check these banks for it as well:

  • survei

    Awesome, that’s 3 banks to check out. I was also wondering how CPU load is on Synth1, but I suppose I’ll find that out when I download it!

    Thanks again and thank you to the preset makers!

  • survei

    So the site is in japanese… I’m assuming I should download the file “”?

  • Yes, that’s the one. Some more info about Synth1 in English can be found here:

    It’s really CPU friendly. It’s been around for quite a while but I find it is still one of the best freeware plug-ins out there.

  • Katzenjammer

    Grabbing this sound bank. Synth1 is a great little synth. Thanks for the tip.

    May I ask, is “TB-103 sounds” a typo or wordplay on 303?

  • Good question, perhaps it’s a mix of the TB-303 and the SH-101 ^_^

  • Got word from Peter, it was a wordplay on Synth1/TB-303 indeed!

  • Katzenjammer

    Ah, look at that. He he.

  • I’ve added an mp3 with some demo sounds to the post. Lovely demo Peter, well done!

  • Peter

    Thanks Ronnie, Survei and Katzenjammer.
    @Katzenjammer: Sorry that I didn’t answer your question, I discovered too late the Comment page on rekkerd.

  • nbg

    Bank2? So is there a Bank1 too?

    If so let me know! ;)

  • Peter den Herder

    Hi NBG,

    There is no second sound bank of me for Synth1, just one named Bank2.
    At this site you’ll find 3 more freeware soundsets of me: The Impulse Train soundset for the freeware PolyIblit VSTi, the Gatez bank which is an effect preset bank for the freeware Stormgate 1 VST and the Red, white & BLUE soundset for Rob Papen’s Blue. The soundset for BLUE has a V2 version, which can be downloaded at the website of Rob Papen.
    If you accidentally possess a Korg Z1..I made 2 freeware soundsets for it.



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