Pethu releases Hahaha CS33 Standard Edition

Pethu Hahaha CS33 VSTi

Pethu (Per Thulin) has released Hahaha CS33 Standard Edition, a freeware VSTi sporting two oscillators and radically enhanced filter, LFO, effects, and routing options.

The gorgeous GUI was provided by Rick Christy (aka Grymmjack).


  • Subtractive and Phase Modulation (PM) synthesis
  • Two oscillators (called OSC1 and OSC2), each with Triangle, Saw, Square, Rectangle, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and White Noise (WN) waveforms. OSC1 can be synced to OSC2
  • Mono sound output (except when the CHORUS effect is active)
  • Monophonic and 6-voice Polyphonic modes
  • One filter (called, simply, the FILTER) with 5 modes, two of which are special ”twin filter” modes
  • One LFO with 5 waveforms: Sample And Hold (S/H), Ramp, Square, Saw, and Sine. LFO tempo can be freely adjusted or synced to host tempo
  • Two envelope generators (called EG1 and EG2). Each can separately affect OSC1 amplitude, OSC2 amplitude, FILTER cutoff frequency, and LFO amount. EG1/EG2 levels can also be mixed, resulting in
    pseudo-multi-stage envelopes
  • Keyboard velocity scaling for EG1 and EG2 amplitudes
  • Expression input from Breath Controller (BC), Channel Aftertouch (AT), and Foot Pedal (PEDAL) can be used to affect AMP level and FILTER cutoff frequency
  • Effects section with Distortion, Reverb, Delay, and Chorus units
  • MIDI Learn function for easy mapping of the controls to a hardware MIDI controller
  • Tooltip help, showing short descriptions of each control including its default MIDI Controller Code mapping

The zip file includes a comprehensive manual, which also mentions a soon to be released “Evolution Edition” of CS33, which is basically the exact same synth with a different look.

Check Pethu’s website for more information and a link to download Hahaha CS33.

Update 13-11-2006: Don’t forget to check the additional presets as well.

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Nice site! Good to see other people showing pethu the love he deserves. CS-33 is an excellent instrument worthy of downloading and sharing with everyone you know :)

Pethus other creations are equally excellent, the CS-01 II being my second favorite now that CS-33 has released.

Pethu releases Hahaha CS33 Evolution Edition

[…] The Evolution Edition is the same as the Standard Edition (apart from the way it looks), and both share the same VSTi ID, so you can only have one installed at the time. […]


Pethu, I absolutely love the Zodiac – as soon as I tried it I went back to your site and downloaded your other softsynths. It has great fat sounds – but, Oh, the frustration! It clicks whenever you press a key on many presets. It’s probably the worst vst I have, and one of the very few, that do this. I don’t suppose you could release an update that doesn’t click? I am using FL studio 8.

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