Pettinhouse announces HumbuckerGuitar

Pettinhouse HumbuckerGuitar

Pettinhouse has announced HumbuckerGuitar, a guitar sample library for Kontakt.

The sound of the humbucker pickup dedicated to rock, metal, blues and any genre where is required an high voltage signal for a powerful distortion.

HumbuckerGuitar features

  • Direct recorded for amp simulator.
  • 24bit 96Khz.
  • Dedicated key switches.
  • 4 velocity layers.
  • Round robin for alternate picking.
  • 1500 samples.
  • Full sustain.
  • Natural decay.

HumbuckerGuitar will be available mid November for $129 USD.

Visit Pettinhouse for more information.

  • Tone


    Thanks for narrowing it down, but that could that could be any guitar except for a strat, tele or their clones. I’ll bet the guitar make & model isn’t mentioned cos it’s some LP clone for $150. In short, why bother? Really, why bother making yet another non-descript mediocore soundbfont that isn’t good enough to even use in a demo?

    Once you get to the point of recording a real gibson Les Paul, through a real Marshall DSL or TSL 100, then you can charge $129, but as it stands now, this soundfont isn’t worth $1.29 and you should hang your head in shame for releasing such utter worthless garbage.

    I have nothing but contempt for all these companies, not just this one, who release absolute crap. But that’s nothing compared for the the total contempt they have for their customers. I can just hear them now, “release a soundfont with a Gibson LP & a Marshall DSL100? That’s too costly, and it’s really difficult to record using a mic, so we’ll just release this crap instead, fuck’em. They’re so stupid they buy it anyway.”

  • Hey Tone, Tonkin, Spud… Take it eay man, it’s the same story every time.

    Just because you don’t want this doesn’t make it crap.

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