Pettinhouse releases ClassicGuitarFREE

Pettinhouse ClassicGuitar

Pettinhouse has announced the release of ClassicGuitarFREE, a nylon guitar sample library for Kontakt.

Based on ClassicGuitar Full ClassicFREE has the same quality of the big brother: Stereo acoustic nylon guitar finger style DRY samples. Sweet sounding, warm, with solid bass, dynamic sound, perfect for any kind of finger style music.

ClassicGuitarFREE features

  • 169 unique samples.
  • 4 layers.
  • Round robin played with index and middle finger.
  • Release samples for each note.

ClassicGuitarFREE is available as a free download.

More information: Pettinhouse / ClassicGuitarFREE

StereoSavage at Plugin Boutique
  • adam8

    First, the mp3 demo is a new low, featuring some kind of percussion which is impossible to identify because it sounds like something from a 50K soundblaster GM library. This percussion is so loud it dominates the entire song and drowns out the guitar. It should have been a solo guitar playing a standard song. However, the reason for the obfuscation is no doubt my following point….

    Second, the guitar samples are poor quality. The recording level is very low with the loudest samples only getting to about 50% to peak and the softest samples being almost inaudible. There are a multitude of flubbed notes where the fingering makes a vibrating noise on the fret. The stereo field is very wide making it sound like an echo, sounds like the mics were too far from the guitar, way too far. But my biggest complaint is that some notes are held incorrectly and they change tone because the person playing the note squeezed and then let up on the note resulting in a pitchshift. This doesn’t happen much on steel string guitars, but it always happens on nylon strings because they are so malleable and easily bent/moved. This is unforgivable, pure incompetence, a total deal killer.

    All in all, not worth the download. I deleted it.

  • I agree with you about the percussion, but I actually do like the sound of the guitar in the demo mp3s. Sounds pretty warm to me. I especially liked the jazzy demo:

    Haven’t tried the freebie though.

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