A picture is worth a thousand words – Contest winners

a picture is worth a thousand words

The theme of the most recent music production contest at rekkerd was to create a piece of music inspired by an image.

For this contest, the idea is to take a photograph as your “muse” for a piece of music. Kind of similar to how you would write a soundtrack for a film. Use an image of a person, object, environment, or whatever might inspire you.

A total of 36 tracks were submitted. With a great variety in style and approach, I can imagine the contestants had a hard time picking their top 6 favorites!

It was a very close finish between the top 3, each just trailing 1 point behind the other. The same for spot 4 to 6, with just a few points difference.

So, without keeping you waiting any longer, here are the winners.

  1. Russian Corvette with sundayafternoonweightlessness (61 points)
  1. 3ee with Winter Breeze (60 points)
  1. Koen Veldeman with Nightfall (59 points)

The top 3 winners will receive a prize from D16 Group, as well as a pick of the prize pool in order of placement. The remaining prizes from the pool will go to the following entries.

  1. König with Mecha Funk (39 points)
  2. Stan Dart with Underworld, Part 2 (The Lost Island) (38 points)
  3. Jon Solo with The 11th Plague, and Alex Sorenti with 1570 Miles (36 points)

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all who participated!
Hope to see you again next time.


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  • Winners will get an email regarding the prize(s) soon.

  • Koen Veldeman

    Congratulations everyone! I had a lot of fun and excitement in joining this contest. I feel honored with my third place, thank you!

  • Søren (Russian Corvette) picked Soniccouture’s Geosonics, while 3ee is so happy with D16’s LuSH-101 and Sigmund plugins that he kindly passes on his pool prize to the next winner.

    • 3ee

      …with such quality entries I really am thankful for the votes gathered to reach such spot, so, thanks everybody! :) Also thanks Ronnie for another cool Rekkerd contest.
      Didn’t get the D16 plugs yet but I sure am happy! :) The reason for my pass isn’t that the prizes are lame or anything, I simply think I have what I “need” for now and maybe the next in line doesn’t…

      • 3ee

        Also, congrats to the winners! Some other tracks that didn’t make it into top 6 are still great so congrats to the authors also!

      • Koen Veldeman

        Thank you very much for this gesture! I picked the Spire from Reveal Sound. I think it will fit very nicely into my small collection. Have fun with that LuSH-101!

        • 3ee

          Yeah, Spire would have probably been my pick also hehe. Seems a very cool synth, I especially like it’s mod matrix and overall look/feel. The unison function is pretty cool too. Thanks and have fun too! :)

        • Jon Solo

          Koen looks like you are sweeping…I saw you won over at BPB giveaway. Dang brother!

          • Koen Veldeman

            Wow Jon, I didn’t know yet! Looks like I won a pack of CR-78 samples. It’s raining gifts! :-)

      • Crystal Craft

        I remember in the “Moving” contest 2011 you kindly asked what I would like as the prize before you picked anything. Although I was second place (and you – 3ee – won) I got exactly what I desired. I havn´t forgotten! I still thank you for this move!
        Thank you!

        • 3ee

          Nothing like getting what you wish for so you’re very welcome! + didn’t have Kontakt anyways. I’m glad that you enjoy the prize, I assume you still use it! :) Too bad your track didn’t make the top 6 this time, one of my favorites! well…better luck next time! Cheers”

      • Stan Dart

        Wow, that’s a nice move!

    • Jon Solo

      Grats to all winners and several who did not make it…I thought were quite awesome! Fun and looking forward to the next time! Thanks for the votes too!

  • noblogo

    Congrats to the winners and followers ! see you at the next rekkerd
    contest, if we are not already linked on soundcloud. And cheers to Ronnie,
    thanks for the work you’re doing on your blog.

  • Congratulations to the winners! And thanks Ronnie, for organising another interesting and fun contest :)

  • DoctorBob

    Congratulations to all the winners. With so many good tracks it was a hard one (but I picked 3 of the 6!!). Thanks Ronnie too for another fab contest – waiting for the next one now :-)
    Cheers, Rob.

  • satYatunes

    Congratulations to all winners. Happy new year to everyone. Thanks to Ronnie for organizing the contest. See you all in the next one.

    • 3ee

      Happy new year! Curious what would be next…

  • Stan Dart

    Congratulations to all participants!
    Thanks a lot to everyone who voted for me!


    Stan Dart

  • My congratulations to all winners!
    Many thanks to erveryone who did listen and commend my track. feedback is the most importand prize in my opinion ;)

  • Congrats to the winners,

    my top 10;

    1) 3ee – winter breeze
    2) Noizefield – The Answer Lies
    3) Melif – La Revolution
    4) SatYatunes – Lights from Heaven
    5) Defski – Mosaico
    6) Soeren GLashagen – Contrasts
    7) Koen Veldeman – Nightfall
    8) Andre Kurbel – When the sun rises and yo…
    9) Ailurus – Basic (Master)
    10) ralph Russo – Killer



  • Ralph Russo

    Congratulations to all! Hey, this was the first time I entered any kind of contest like this and it was A LOT of fun! I’m definitely doing this again!

    Thanks especially to Ronnie for his efforts putting this thing together.

    BTW, I picked three of the winners too…

    Ralph Russo (aka Rongoozle)

  • König

    Congratulations to all winners and big thanks to all who votes for me, and to all who comment my track, and of course to Ronnie for the best music production contests. See you all in the next one.

  • Soren Lemmike

    Big thanks to everyone, I’ve had a blast playing around with Geosonics today. This was fun and I really enjoyed listening to all the entries. Thanks for the comments, like Noizefield says, feedback is a great prize in itself – and big ups to Ronnie for organizing this!

  • aaron bergman

    Thanks for doing the contest. I had a lot of fun, and was honored to be competing with so many great musicians. I look forward to the next one.

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