Pluggotic releases Shattersync

Pluggotic Shattersync

Pluggotic has released Shattersync, a modified version of DarkWare’s Shattershot Lite.

Shattersync is a stuttering/repeating effect plug-in based on modulated delays triggered by a step-sequencer. Repeats of all sorts, glitches and noises, random events and singular/casual phrases re-arrangements can be achieved quickly, on both melodic and rhythmic material.

Carlo writes:

For those knowing and loving Shattershot Lite VST, Shattersync is essentially a host (and therefore BPM) synchronized version of its predecessor. it should be noted that the work I made to modify the creature will not make it sound any better and possibly all the voodoo magic spawned from Shattershot Lite will disappear, replaced by a tamed, ordered, boring, mechanism of nothingness.

The alterations of the original design are focused on:

  • New modulations, now host-synchronized.
  • A new independent stuttering FX in the signal chain.
  • MIDI implementation.
  • New GUI.

Visit Pluggotic for more information and a link to download Shattersync.

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Miles Edgefield
Miles Edgefield

Man Darkwares is the shittttttt! Now that peeps is upgrading the old stuff its like we can get all new Darkwares for the future! rad rad rad

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