PowerFX releases Fairlight CMI Legacy

PowerFX Fairlight CMI Legacy

PowerFX has released Fairlight CMI Legacy, a Reason ReFill featuring the sounds of the Fairlight CMI II.

This library collects an awesome amount of ultra clean recordings of the original sounds from the Fairlight CMI II, the world’s first real sampling based workstation as premiered some time before 1980. And this entire Reason 4 library costs much less than 64 kilobytes of memory did in 1980.

The ReFill contains somewhat more than that, too. It carries 644 Megabyte of samples. You get over 2000 sounds in all, including all of the Fairlight’s 33 precious 8 inch factory discs. To celebrate the Fairlight feel, all new samples are labeled and arranged in virtual 8 inch disks as well.

Unfortunately, we could not simulate the loading time, noise and intermettent failures of the original disk drives. You will have to live with that.

Fairlight CMI Legacy features

  • 491 patches for all Reason units.
  • Over 1700 waveforms and samples.
  • A complete virtual Computer Musical Instrument in your rack.

Fairlight CMI Legacy is available to purchase for 69 USD.

More information: PowerFX / Fairlight CMI Legacy

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  • A free demo ReFill can be found here: http://bitley.laconicsounds.net/

    The Fairlight CMI Supremacy refill contains an additional 50 Mb sample library also for users of the Fairlight CMI Legacy refill. These new samples do not only true to their source demonstrate the Legacy refill; they also add on to that refill. In addition, all Reason patches have been updated. It is therefore strongly recommended that all users of the Fairlight CMI Legacy refill also downloads the free Supremacy refill. Naturally, for users of the Supremacy refill, it is strongly recommended purchasing the full Fairlight CMI Legacy refill in order to get complete access to all of the sounds, but this refill is also a fully operational free demo refill.

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