PowerFX releases Soundation Studio (Beta)

PowerFX Soundation Studio

PowerFX has announced the release of a public beta of Soundation Studio, a web based sequencer that enables you to make music, ringtones and audio clips directly from the internet without downloading any software.

This beta version includes over 400 royalty free audio loops, 9 different effects, track automation, basic loop editing, time stretching, master channel control, publish to web and download to desktop features.

All processing is done locally so the performance and amount of tracks you can use is based on your personal computer setup and internet connection. The real time effects can be chained together to create multiple manipulation possibilities and all the loops are 16 bit, 44.1 stereo wav files. You can start using Soundation Studio at http://www.soundation.com/studio/ and follow the developments and see tutorial videos on www.soundation.com/blog

More information: Soundation Studio

Producers Choice
  • Haven’t tried Aviary’s Myna yet but this had me thinking about it. Maybe I should give both a spin and see what’s up to stuff.

    LOVE seeing more powerful web audio tools, it puts accessibility and creativity in the hands of aspirants to graduate onto more “pro” tools.

  • Yes, it’s great to see these online tools develop. Myna looks really nice too.

    I’m regularly using online photo editors as well and things like pixlr are pretty advanced already. Sure it’s no PhotoShop but it has many of its features.

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