PreSonus releases Studio One Pro Demo

PreSonus Studio One

PreSonus has released a demo version of Studio One, a complete music creation and production software.

Studio One is a groundbreaking music-creation and production application for Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista that makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering ridiculously simple right out of the box, yet provides a wealth of professional features.

Fresh code, innovative drag-and-drop MIDI mapping and plug-in management, auto-configuration with PreSonus hardware, insanely good audio quality, unlimited tracks and plug-ins per track, and a powerful, inventive Start page that literally puts the whole project right in your hands are just a few of the compelling features that make Studio One the next generation in audio software. Far from just another music-production program, Studio One changes the rules of the game, giving you a complete, easy-to-use solution from raw tracks to finished master, while supporting the latest standards and technologies.

Studio One features
Studio One Artist

  • Elegant single-window work environment.
  • Powerful drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels.
  • Content browser with convenient sort options and preview player.
  • Automatic delay compensation.
  • Advanced automation.
  • 32-bit processing.
  • Easy-to-use sidechain routing.
  • Stunning virtual instruments.
  • User-friendly sampler.
  • Most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available.
  • Real-time audio timestretching and resampling.
  • K-System metering.
  • Compatible with any ASIO-, Windows Audio-, or Core Audio-compliant audio interface.
  • Works with key commands from Pro Tools, Cubase, and Logic.
  • Native Effects™ 32-bit effects library with 20 dynamics processors, reverbs, modulations effects, amp simulators, etc.
  • Four virtual instruments:
    • Impact™ Sample Trigger Drum Instrument with 32 drum kits by Ueberschall™.
    • Presence™ Sample Player Virtual Instrument with 200 sampled instruments by Digital Sound Factory™.
    • SampleOne™ Sampler Virtual Instrument.
    • Mojito™ Analog-Modeling Subtractive Synthesizer.
  • Native Instruments™ Kore™ Player with 150 instruments.
  • Native Instruments™ Guitar Rig LE.
  • Toontrack™ EZDrummer Lite.
  • Nearly 1,400 drum loops (1.4 GB!) by Bandmate™ Loops.
  • Free jambalaya recipe!.

Studio One Pro, includes everything in Studio One Artist plus:

  • Integrated mastering suite with automatic mix updating, Red Book CD burning, and digital release.
  • 64-bit audio engine (instead of the 32-bit version in Studio One Artist).
  • AU, VST2, VST3, and ReWire support.
  • PreSonus Native Effects™ 64-bit plug-in library, with 26 dynamics processors, reverbs, modulations effects, amp simulators, etc. This includes 64-bit versions all of the Native Effects plug-ins found in Studio One Artist and:
    • Analog Delay tape-delay emulation.
    • Expander mono/stereo expander.
    • Gate noise gate.
    • Groove Delay multitap and tempo-synchronized delay.
    • Multiband Dynamics mono/stereo multiband compressor/expander.
    • Pipeline hardware insert (allows you to use external hardware processors with Studio One Pro, including delay compensation).
  • Native Instruments™ Guitar Rig LE.
  • 100 additional premium sampled instruments by Digital Sound Factory™ for PreSonus Presence.
  • 200 additional instruments by Native Instruments for Kore Player.
  • Toontrack™ EZDrummer Lite.
  • More than 2,000 additional loops (4 GB) by Bandmate Loops.

The Studio One 30-day demo version is available for Windows and Mac upon request (email address required). The demo is fully functional with the exception of saving of documents or exporting audio.

More information: PreSonus

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  • Lycaon

    The process for downloading and running the demo is formidable. So formidable in fact that I was unable to complete it. You give your email, they send a reg code, you use the reg code to register as a member, then you download the app, download a license, then you install demo, then you must activate online. I got all the way up to the last step and online activation failed. I’m pissed for having them waste my time. Oh yeah, there was a machine ID step in there somewhere too.

    BTW, these idiots use flash and bury all the download links in iframes!???!?!?!? iframes, really? The HTML function that NOBODY except adverts use? Idiots. I had to look at the HTML to get the links. I have a bad feeling that the software will be equally as anal retentive as the demo process. And one more gripe: there’s no screenshots to view, just vacuous verbiage about the features, so downloading the demo is the only way to really see what’s up with the software.

    PLONK! The sound of another app being thrown into the lake of hostile software.

  • Jason

    I haven’t tried the demo myself, nor do i have any inkling to, it’s just perplexing to me that it took them three years to just release a demo. I can’t fathom it doing anything that other DAWs can’t already do, or well enough to convince a substantial number of users to jump ship anytime soon. At the same time, the original Kristal was pretty much abandoned in the meanwhile, and much of the dedicated Kristal user-base was alienated because development on K2/Presonus was so hush-hush secret, so I doubt too many of those who still use Kristal will look to “graduate” to Presonus anytime soon. Presonus is going to have quite an uphill battle in finding market-share, I think, considering all the great options already out there, and having essentially turned its back on the built-in user-base of the Kristal community.

  • Francisco C

    For me, the inability to support VST instruments in the Studio One Artist edition causes me to avoid it. I think they would have a difficult time trying to sell that edition to those who use virtual instruments and effects heavily. It’s unusual Presonus release a demo of this thing before revealing how much it would cost. Also I get the feeling that it would be dongleware. The public really doesn’t need another DAW which is difficult to use for the casual musician.

  • Francisco C

    I should have checked out more information about this product before babbling. Well, it won’t require a dongle, at least. The Studio One Artist does come with a few instruments, but I’m not sure if someone like me would want to use them instead of VST plug-ins.

    That said, the program would make a nice bonus for those who buy Presonus’ hardware, eh… :)

  • To clarify, obtaining/using the demo works like this: submit email address, create user account and register product key, download software, activate. Thousands have done this successfully so far, and I’ve not seen many complaints about the process.

  • Axl

    Presonus Studio One demo works great.
    I opened the user account @ the website and I installed the demo perfect.
    I like this DAW is a new way to explore samples, plugins and instruments.I’ll buy it for sure, the first guy who never finished the installation , he doesnt know about it.I reserved my opinion.
    This is “The DAW!!”

  • Karl

    Using the downloaded Demo is difficult and I have so far been unsuccessful. When I opened the Demo it asked for the activation code of the software that I “bought”. When I went to the online area for my registered products it was empty where there had previously been my saved registration numbers. Apparently if you don’t do things in a particular order and in a timely fashion it does not work. I can’t imagine why a simple download has been made so difficult.

  • Eric

    I’m way more annoyed than anything.
    First, the box my fire-box came in had a big sticker with all this free software (Cubase, etc.), but NO CD. When I contacted Presonus, they informed me that they no longer distribute that software. WTF?

    So I install this new “Artist One” CD.
    I’ve already had to “Create an Account” three different times, what the hell is with that?

    Then I try to use the “EzDrumer” and I get another prompt to “Create an account” with Toontracks, so I do. Then, I have to open my email, and find the activation link, which only takes me to their home page, and I can not find anywhere on the site to put in the “activation code” they emailed me? Now toontracks is asking for the Serial number on the sleeve of box that my software came in, but it was bundled with Artist one, so I have NO serial number! Where the F*CK am I supposed to get this serial number? I tried the “Product key” that was required for Artist One, since that’s the ONLY number I have, and it didn’t work.

    Now I have to “Force quit” the Artist One application because it’s stuck on the “Ez-drummer authorization” prompt (because there’s NO cancel button)?

    Basically this “Artist One” is useless crap that takes WAY to long to set up and run. 3gigs of space wasted on my notebook, and over 2 hours installing, and activating (or attempting to activate).

    Now I can expect a ton of spam from the “Accounts” I created, what a WASTE!

    side note: when I tried to search the web for info on how to activate Ez-drummer, all I found were messages on torrant sites on how to use keygens to hack the whole process, so all of this headache for those of us that did not steal this piece of crap is for NOTHING! Way to stick it to the honest guy, nice going Presonus!

    If you are considering purchasing a Presonus audio interface, consider it as provided with NO SOFTWARE, and account for the cost of additional software in your budget!

    Till I get new software, I’m stuck with Garage Band (Thanks for NOTHING Presonus). Also, how about you at least cover the stickers on your boxes, as not to mislead customers and store personnel on what is exactly in the box!

    I may just return my fire box, and get something else. Not sure if it’s worth the hassle.

  • What a horrible experience…I bougt the PreSonus Firestudio Mobile, and it comes with Studio One Artist included. Got the hardware, but the Studio One CD was missing.
    Took a week and a half to get it. In the meantime, i set up an account and downloaded the demo. Other than I couldnt figure out how to actually work it (but I suppose that will take time), so far so good..the process went smoothly.
    Got my nive new CD with the FULL version of Studio One artist, load the app into my iMac – fire it up, and the DEMO version comes up. I delete it multiple times, restart, and try again. The deomo only comes up. I go to my user account at Presonus – look at “My Software”, and see that I’ve registered a DEMO, and a FULL version – with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PRODUCT KEY associated with it…never entered it or seen it…so, i went and created a NEW user account…to see if i can FOOL the system into letting me activate the software, and come up with a FULL vs. DEMO version…
    How incredibly hard does this have to be? AND I HAVENT EVEN TRIED TO ACTUALLY FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE IT.
    As I write this, its been 10 minutes and I havent received my activation email…so I dont even know if this is gonna work after ALL…

  • peter brown

    I registered an account for a 30 trial. When asked to login, the system did not recognize my name and password on three atempts.

    What’s up with that? If this is an indication of what I have to look forward to with PreSonus Studio Pro, I’ll make my Cubase 5 purchase instead.

    So, what’s up?

  • Aj

    My product key and CD were damaged after i initially installed it…i’ve been using it (the interface) without actually accessing studio one, but there seems to be problems with my sound now that i need to configure the device for. The only way to do that is to sign into Studio One, and i need the product key. Does anyone know of a way to somehow get a product key by proving purchase or something? I bought this thing, dont know where the receipt is (i feel like the moron) but dont have the CD or product key…can someone help!?

  • AJ, you don´t just need a driver from the downloads page?

    I would contact Presonus support, perhaps there is some file or info in the about box of your current installation that would prove you installed it with a legit key etc.

    When you do get things fixed again, make sure to register your product with Presonus. It always helps a lot when you are already “in the system”…

  • peter brown

    Here’s a couple of emails I sent to Presonus…

    A customer with that name is not known”
    I keep getting this error message every time I try to login.

    Here’s the info I gave you for registration;

    user name….peter brown


    I fthis is an indication of what I have to look forward to with PreSonus, I’ll go to plan B. Cubase 5 full addition.
    I’m going to make a decision as to which system to upgrade to. PreSonus up to now gave me great expectations of a smooth running recording/mixing/mastering DAW. However, you’ve gotten off to a very poor start with a perspective client.


    Peter Brown


    I downloaded Studio One Pro and couldn’t register it in my name of Peter Brown. So I used Francis Instead. It seemed like I registered it “in full” but when I opened the program, the demos and tutorials “ARE NOT AVAILABLE”. And, 90% of the virtual instruments would not load or play. I could however, trigger some of the synth samples from Mojito but that wasn’t enough to base a $400. to $500. decision upon.

    I’m at a crossroad in deciding what I want to upgrade to. I’ve been using Cubase 4 Essential for a year + as it is the first pc-based DAW I have ever used. When I was introduced to Studio One, I figured it was a no brainer when it came to upgrading with all the features and ease of use.

    However, until I can actually operate the DAW in it’s full range including the pianos, drums and all the other virtual instruments it’s supposed to come with, I believe, my best option would be the Cubase 5 standard in which I’m already familiar with Stienberg’s platform.

    Perhaps someone could explain why I couldn’t download the full Presonus S. O. Pro with all the operations ready and enabled. I might re-consider my decision to go with Cubase 5. However, Uninstalling CE, Kontakt 3.5 and Halion 3.5 is not an option in order to try PreSonus Studio One Pro. If that, indeed is preventing the full download from happening.


  • peter brown

    BTW, I even got it to track the Kontakt 3.5 vsts I have installed on my pc. (some-what but not without a hastle) But not the “supposed included virtual instruments” it promised. If someone from Presonus could walk me through the steps to download the FULL AND COMPLETE STUDIO ONE trial package, They still might have a $400. sale.

  • Tron188

    Well, well, well, I’m not the only one. The person with a good review of the download demo process must work for PreSonus and submit here trying damage control. There are too many persons with the same complaint as me for it not to be happening to virtually everyone. Like the one person said, I downloaded, then had to register, then had to input a key. Downloading the application was easy—it just never worked—I couldn’t get the loops to drag and engage on the tracks. Then I tried going to customer support—that’s a whole other forum. But I tried to get to them once—wrote all my complaints and personal info—-just for a message that said I wasn’t logged in. I WAS logged in. But I tried it again(after “logging in”) and got the same message. I’m saying just the problem with the technical support would keep me away from PreSonus, not to mention getting a simple free download of the application not to work.

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