Prime Loops Giveaway: Future Bass sample pack by Pusher

Prime Loops has recently released Pusher: Future Bass, a tasty Future Koncept series pack featuring sounds from producer Pusher.

Future Koncept Pusher

‘Pusher: Future Bass’! is a forward thinking library brimming with a huge selection of awesome 8bit synth melodies, arps, funky bass lines, smooth chord progressions, slick Trap inspired drum loops and much more!

This critically acclaimed producer whizz kid has lovingly crafted and produced every sound in this huge 677MB+ collection!

Sounds interesting? Prime Loops is offering readers a chance to win a copy of this pack. Leave a comment on this post before Wednesday May 27th, 12pm CET, for a chance to win. We’ll pick a winner at random shortly after.

Good luck!

More information: Prime Loops / Pusher: Future Bass

Producers Choice
  • Prof.Logik

    Good luck to everyone that enters.

  • estolad

    nice! :)

  • DoctorBob

    This looks amazing! Just what we all need to give those tracks some meat! Count me in – would love to be pulled from the hat!

  • Lina

    Would love to win this!!!!!

  • Thomas Wayne

    Someone has to win… :)

  • These sound great!
    As a student at the end of his loan this would be awesome to win :) Either way I will be getting this!

  • Frederic Raahauge

    Wow! I love future bass and its awesome to get a chance to win this pack :)

  • Benjamin Todd Keeler

    Would kill for this pack

  • Need. Bass.

  • cdr


  • Luke Inglis

    Could it be me?

  • Want !

  • thatss o crazy that the future is already the history again

  • Willshire McDanks

    Love this sample pack and would love to win it :)

  • Pusher is tight. This is probably the best sample preview track I’ve ever heard. Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  • iam3x

    give it 2 me please

  • Yura Tomilin

    Would like to get this! : O

  • GeorgeGavoyannis

    Would love to use this pack to work on a new track! <3

  • SaySumnElse

    This….this would please me deeply.

  • svrc

    Sounds Good!

  • ßiƪƪ Morray

    give it to us all so nobody will be jealous :v

  • Floop Ferrigno

    bass how low can you go?

  • Harry Bastard

    Hahaha, that make me smile.

  • lolroflqwerty

    I never win anything but it’s worth a go!

  • Billy Cummings

    Wow, that’s some Phat Phreakin’ Future Bass!

  • Benjamin Jumpp

    just listened to the demo these sounds are ridiculous i hope i win.

  • Johnny Dominic

    So excite. Help give some tunes a new twist.

  • Earle Jules

    really want to win pls

  • Ryan Deighton

    Love pusher, this pack, primeloops. Life would be good to win :3

  • Nicole Candelaria

    8-bit synths?!! Sick!! I hope I win

  • BB


  • Krzysztof Horn


  • Julio Dby

    I’m in love with this style ! Good vibes

  • colin

    I love Puser. I love Prime Loops. I NEED this pack :)

  • Will Sullivan

    Awesome, this sounds amazing!

  • Noah Ramsey

    This seems like such a cool samplepack!

  • Nick Dombroski

    Dope, I can tell just by Pusher’s music this pack must be sick!

  • Pick meme!

  • INSO_o

    Sounds good :)

  • corbin

    id love to get my hands on this!

  • Greg Mitchinson

    Fab sounds … Great pack … U guys are amazing… Would love to use these in my releases

  • TNO

    Excellent stuff here. And for once I can actually see how I can manipulate these samples for some serious Afro-House (something I recently got into, and I feel will be taking off soon).

  • Elijah Logan

    Pls pick me

  • Filippo Maria Ottaviani

    Need them definitely, after all tomorrow’s my birthday!

  • And the winners is… Earle Jules! Congrats, you’ll get your download of the pack shortly.
    Thanks to all for playing, see you next time.

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