Prime Loops Giveaway: Win bundle of Dubstep and Drum & Bass sample packs

Sound library developer Prime Loops is offering readers a chance to win a bundle of three recent sample packs.

Prime Loops Dubstep GladiatorPrime Loops Dubstep MelodiesPrime Loops Future Drum & Bass Drums
  • Dubstep Gladiators
    Kit out your army of sonic warriors with every loop included in “Dubstep Gladiators”, specially produced and ready for action at an unrelenting 140BPM. Select your weapons from over 60 full and solo drum loops, the thunderous rhythm that’ll shake the competition to the core. Realise your tactical genius with 45+ wobbling basslines, thick enough to crush brick walls with ease. Over 20 synth loops and chord progressions provide the final vehicles to your victory and will slice through your mix with disenchanted Dubstep intensity!
  • Dubstep Melodies
    Packed with melodic synth leads, from fuzzed-out tickles to blissful, crystal-clear chords and Dubstep wobble basslines it’s got all the tools of the trade to get your Dubstep anthem straight into the charts! This ultra-melodic Dubstep synth pack brings you the very latest in dub sound design, including 60+ synth hooks from fuzzed-out tickles to blissful, crystal-clear chords, 32+ basslines from talking wobbles to distorted monsters and 32+ chopped up, gated and professionally sequenced melodies.
  • Future Drum & Bass Drums
    The hi-energy drums and ultra-low frequencies of Drum & Bass have ruled dancefloors for over 15 years now but it’s time to look to the future – with Prime Loops’ latest beat smash “Future Drum & Bass Drums” by your side, there’s no stopping you racing your way to a sound generations ahead of its time! Set the crystalline skyscrapers and ultra-sleek city expressways of tomorrow in your sights with over 145 thundering drum loops, over 95 sharp one-shots and over 50 flexible MIDI files.

For a chance to win all three packs, simply enter the contest by leaving a comment on this post before Wednesday June 27th, 11:59pm CET. A random number generator will pick the winner shortly after.

Good luck, and make sure to check out Prime Loops for more quality sample packs.

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  • Marta Borkowska

    yay! what a great oportunity! :)

  • #Yes please! :)

  • Its Clipping

    Nice one. Can never have too many samples.

  • Alvaro Faria da Silva

    Hey, I’m the first!

  • “You can’t get struck by lightning if you’re not standing out in the rain.” – Mykhael Crowley

  • Steve Chab


  • Aaron Bergman

    Thank you for helping us stay in step.

  • Stephen

    Ooooh pick me please!

  • Filipe Damiao

    Thanks for the opportunity Prime Loops and Rekkerd!

  • Greetings, it looks like a good contest

  • Inger


  • Catherine


  • voltron

    Sweet! Love to get these sample packs!

  • Still not sure if samples are the most important thing in a song or the least :L

  • Gheivs

    Sweeeeeeet! =)

  • please please please!

  • andreas

    blubb :)

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  • Timur Myoss

    Good luck)

  • sluggy

    (Doo ba be de) <== Comment.

  • Vian Oktavianus Tb Sadewo

    This is so coool!!!

  • I need those punchy drummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  • IrionDaRonin

    Here we go. Thanks and have a good day :)

  • Bryceorbiter

    Wooooot free stuff potential!

  • NO ID

    New beats,new beats,I really need new beats… Thanks again.

  • theo

    dubstep has a message, 2step even harder

  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    for the love and spread of Drum n Bass vibe in Indonesia ;)

  • Ron

    This Newsletter is awesome. Hope to read a Lot of useful Stoff here

  • Steve Slammins


  • ja ja!!!!

  • Sunny B Sunny

    me want samples!

  • Dear Santa, I have been good so far this year. Please can I have some lovely sample packs from those lovely people at Rekkerd and Prime Loops.

    (I won’t expect the new bike for Christmas this year.)


  • lele need loops

    I need loops to food my bear family, they are pokemons.
    Batman parents will know if I didn’t win… oh… wait…

  • Irish

    Would love to win these! =D

  • 2ndMOUSE

    It’ll be a challenge to try to make non-dubstep with dubstep samples. I’d only use them in a way they’re not meant to be used if I won ’em.

  • robertshane

    I love dubstep

  • gpone

    I’d like this!

  • Jong

    I love the quality of Prime Loops!

  • Park

    Great Drum Kit!

  • MarioS

    Pampadadam pam pam. I love my wife and making music :-)

  • Crystal Craft

    I listened to the demos and I think…. jaw-dropping bass drops….holy… . It´s crystal clear- these products will change dubstep.

    A little joke: Skrillex to his girlfriend: “I made you a bass…but….but I dropped it”

  • Taka Leon Perry

    Awesome stuff!

  • Nice stuff !

  • Jack Menhorn

    Robot Hamburgers Charlie Softage!

  • Nicky Dee


  • George

    I really could use some dnb drums. :]

  • nice

  • Bizzen

    Prime loops
    Good Luck :)

  • dpix

    Let me win > so I can find out if these loops always loop left like in NASCAR?

  • let me get em

  • Edward Ten Eyck

    Awesome! Thanks for the chance at these.

  • Wayne

    Thank you for the chance to win these. Wayne.

  • Sajtos Laszlo

    need some drums!

  • bertram D

    please count me in!

  • Neuronaut

    Bring it! Don’t sing it!!!

  • Alfredo

    i want it. .. i want it. . . i want it. . . thx (:

  • doris drache

    greeting from berlin
    doris drache

  • Jason McKinley

    I’d love to get one for free. All three even better

  • Adarsh Neutrino

    Thank You :)

  • CS

    Sounds great!

  • feloe

    Really would appreciate winning this! Good luck to all!!

  • Ya gotta love Prime Loops…Always top notch Loops.thanks-Prime Loops and Rekkerd,for this Opportunity.

  • Good morning, and in case I don’t get to see you again, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

  • Gay


  • Wub!

  • GeorgeZ

    Sick, who wouldn’t like to win these!

  • mellotronaut

    Hi Ronnie,

    prime time for mello?

    you never know …

    greetings from the island in the mist (real time observation)



  • Fabtastic!

  • LinesofLatitude

    WOOOOOOOP could really use those

  • J

    Sounds good!

  • Sebastian Orellana

    I’m in motherfu**eeeeeeeeers !!!!!!!!

  • I love loops!

  • TomJones

    Hey that’s awesome!

  • Lisa Perry

    Positive Energy

  • supercalifragilistic

    S.O.S need them all ;)

  • I want free stuff from the internets!

  • b_adl_y

    Sounds cool, who wouldnt love to win!

  • David Robinson

    Theyre mine

  • Larry

    Sounds like a great set of loops. After all- is there such a thing as too many loops in your library??? :)

  • Sawtooth

    I’ll take a stab at this.

  • Hopefully i win. That would be awesome!!

  • Aaaah, yes, seems like the sort of samples I could use. :)

  • Michaël Dubois


  • abra

    give me one !!!!

  • Nekro Dean

    Why not, Have not gotten many new sample sets in a while. Cheers and good luck to all

  • MrVision

    Would love these! It would make me a very happy young man!!

  • Gregory Mususa

    Yes Sir…. Holla at your boy!

  • primeloops at it again!!!!! I love it!!!!

  • oh sniggle!!!!

  • Lukas

    I’m in ;).

  • Shane Konen


  • That’s nice

  • reusenoise

    I want it :-)

  • Quality loops.

  • Alexander Witte

    Nice! I’m. I want to try my fresh traktor F1 :)

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  • Vian Oktavianus Tb Sadewo

    who win this?

    • Filipe Damião, see my comment just below yours for link to the results post.

      • Vian Oktavianus Tb Sadewo

        wow… congrats, bro!

  • dirty-bass

    i need it so bad…

    • The giveaway has ended, but you can still pick up some dubstep packs at 50% off at Prime Loops today!



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