Prime Loops Sample Library Giveaway

Prime Loops

Prime Loops is a relatively new sound provider.
Having only launched about 6 months ago, they have already made a big impact with a few dozen quality sample libraries.

If you don’t know Prime Loops, make sure to check the free sounds for a taster of what they’re all about.

Recently a new section was added to the Prime Loops website, the Studio Techniques. Here you will find tons of useful (video) tutorials and tips & tricks to bring your production skills to a new level.

The Giveaway

Prime Loops has generously donated a copy of one of their sample libraries.

For a chance to win this sample library, all you need to do is:

  • comment on this post,
  • and name the title of the library you’d like to win.

The deadline is Sunday 19 April, 2009, 23:59pm CET.

There will be three winners, randomly picked from all the correct answers*. These lucky people will get the Prime Loops sample library of their choice.

Good luck!

* You can only enter once (regardless of how many email addresses you may have).

99% off Orchestral Companion Strings
  • Pacha

    Minimal & Tech House Drums
    Acid Samples

  • TOM YüNG

    Minimal & Tech House Drums
    Hi…really kind from you, guys…btw, Minimal Synthesis is really nice pack…keep it up

  • daniel

    I wouldn’t mind winning the Dubstep Producer pack. I don’t do dubstep, but the demo cought my attention. Sounds like good stuff.

  • Dj Groovy

    Urban & Dance Vocals would be cool, i’m always looking for vocal samples.

  • Title of a Prime Loops sample library: Breakbeat Electronica

  • After reading some of your comments I’ve changed the rules a bit: All you need to do is name the sample library you’d like to win!

    No need to comment again if you’ve already done so, your comment is valid and you can still choose which library you’d like in case you win.

  • Wolfgang

    Hi, thanks a lot.
    I would like “House Guitar Loops”.

  • jarek

    House Guitar Loops – cool guitars, I want to use it in my projects :)

  • Minimal & Tech House Drums

  • Martin

    Prime Loops – great value even if their loops were twice the price!

    I’d really like the new Glitch Cuts one. Cyberworm gives some great stuff away for free on his blog, and the demo of this pack sounds great. I was actually going to buy it today, but I think I’ll wait to see the results of this competition first…

  • Kersten

    Moogalicious Funk Loops – that’s what I’m looking for!

  • rimtutituki

    Minimal Synthesis or Orchestra & Classical String Loops.

  • Johan Persson

    Glitch Cuts

    Seems to be a really nice pack. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  • Glitch Cuts!

  • luis bicho

    hello, prime loops as a costumer and i have 4 of your packs:
    Essential Reason Synths
    Glitch Cuts
    Minimal & Tech House Drums
    because of the need to have sounds, i liked the competition situation, lovely from you guys, keep on the good job, i´m still looking on the packs i both, and till now i´m suprised…
    And many more pack releases, i really liked it…

    Minimal Synthesis is the pack.

  • Tisa

    Orchestra & Classical String Loops

  • theo

    the house guitar loops seems to be an alternative to learn it on my own ;-)

  • Nice site. Just one… :-\


    Dubstep Drums.

  • Glitch Cuts!

    I already have several libraries. They are all amazing :)

  • survei

    Human Beatbox Samples.

    Of course.

  • midib

    I like giveaways, although I’ve never won anything :)
    If what than
    Dirty South Loops & Breaks
    would make me happy…

  • SampleScience

    (i don’t know if my first message get through so I resend my choice) Glitch Cuts

  • Katzenjammer

    Glitch Cuts

  • Frenkel

    Lee Coombs Presents: Tech Funk

    Haven’t heard of Prime Loops before, but they have some nice libraries for very low prices.. Interesting..!

  • Karlo

    I dont know english, i cant comment right but im tryeing so pls give me Dirty South Loops!!!
    If u do i promise ill imporve my eng next time. (or atleast use online dictionary…lol)

  • I’m craving for Minimal Synthesis

  • Max

    Great samples!

    I’m for Bassline 4×4 UK Garage WAV

  • Martinix

    Wonderful sounds!

    Lookin for Minimal & Tech House Drums WAV

  • m5g


    Tech House Drum Loops WAV

  • Bug

    Nice one!

    Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops WAV

  • Agata

    I’ll take my chance :)

    Bassline 4×4 UK Garage 2 WAV

  • Martin

    let’s rock!

    Bassline 4×4 UK Garage WAV

  • Sampler

    lets see…

    Minimal & Tech House Drums WAV

  • Uploader

    great stuff!

    Tech House Drum Loops WAV

  • hello rekkerd first of all thanks for putting up those lovely dsk vsts they help me alot in my productions :)

    im a great fan of garage and bassline so i would go for Bassline 4×4 UK Garage 1

    looking forword to more vsts and samples m8 keep up the good work

    martin muir aka dj mat1873

  • Francisco C

    I see Prime Loops have a great reputation in just six months…

    Glitch Cuts.

    If I don’t win, that’s OK, I’ll see if I could convert to GBP… :)

  • moke

    Oh, Oh… Circuit Bent Glitches Please.

  • tercathian

    Complete 808 + 909 Drum Machines

  • alex

    ooooh a sample pack for free. :)

  • Audiopath

    Orchestra and classical string loops……?

  • I just got fired and so I got all the time of the world to produce some chart breaking HITS – so would you PLEEEASE gimme dem XXL Hip Hop Drums!!

    thank YOU

    Production Technique:
    click and drag and drop and scroll

    check out

  • Why did my comment not appear?
    l will try again.

    Me, the SUDER needs the XXL Hip Hop Drums for producing chart breaking hits.

    Two reasons, why you got to give them to me for free:
    1. I just got fired and couldn’t afford to buy them
    2. I need them to make money!

    I will not forget you.

    — click and drag and drop and scroll —

  • Ben

    Nice contest!!

    I’m a sucker for Bassline 4×4 UK Garage…

  • *** update ***

    Good news for people who are on holiday this week, we’re extending the deadline to the 19th of April, 2009.

    This will reduce the chance of winning for those who already entered, so you’ll be happy to learn that there will be 3 lucky winners instead of 1.

    Nice one, Prime Loops!

  • Dave

    Orchestra & Classical String Loops


  • Tom Howe

    XXL Hip Hop Drums please!

  • LukeDI

    For the sake of variety I’m going to say I’d love to get the Circuit Bent Glitches library.

  • Luke

    U&D Vocals, please!

  • Francisco C

    If I win, it would be a good birthday present… :D

    Check out Ronnie’s previous post…

  • Olivier

    Glitch Cuts…


  • Stefano

    Great stuff at fair price !!!

    I’d like House Guitar Loops :-)))))))


  • Baz

    Breakbeat Electronica

  • Wow! What a great response already! And thanks everyone for your kind words, we do reply to every email we receive, and we do appreciate all feedback highly.

    Big props to Ronnie for holding the competition, and his hard work on the Rekkerd blog,

    Good Luck!

    Prime Loops

  • Beatbreaker

    Minimal & Tech House Drums WAV

  • brato

    Urban & Dance Vocals would be nice..

  • anoke

    Minimal & Tech House Drums

  • Sumit

    Urban and dance vocals would be great

  • Wow, you got some great samples at Prime Loops. Even though all were really good one would suit my productions perfectly:

    XXL Hip Hop Drums

  • pipo

    female vocals, sweet & sexy

  • Moe Shinola

    Thanks to Prime Loops & Rekkerd for giving great sounds away!

    I pick the Bassline 4×4 UK Garage 1 or 2.

  • beta tester

    maaaaan, I want all of them, can I have them? just because

  • great sounds @ prime loops

    I’d like to win the “minimal synthesis” pack

  • marre

    House Guitar Loops

    Thanks for this!

  • AngeFragile

    Minimal & Tech House Drums if I’m a lucky winner :)

  • Hey gentlemen, great job on the samples and loops as usual ;) I’d like to have Orchestral String Loops for some new trance tracks on Ableton 8 :D

    Cheers and thanks again!

    Matthias Maxwell

  • tinkerpixel

    Glitch Cuts :)

  • Orchestra & Classical String Loops

    to add some ‘class’ to me beats :D Nice one!

  • AlecM

    Minimal & Tech House Drums

  • stephen perry

    I sure love the diversity of quality of the sound of House Guitar Loops Demo – of course, I like the sounds of just about everything. . . I have been a long time Loopmaster, Big Fish, Magix and a few others including Sample Swap and Creative Commons type buyer and user but this demo and others is definitely impelling me into the Prime Loops direction. . . wish them all the success – lot of competition out there but sounds like they are already up to speed and going to make it . . .

  • Mellotronaut

    Hi Ronnie, great stuff from Prime Loops, hard to decide:
    Minimal & Tech House Drums or
    Essential Reason Synths
    would make me yodel.

    thanks a lot for the giveaway!


  • dans

    I really like what I hear on some of these demos and I see some upcoming stuff I think I will like.

    For now, my choice would be Glitch Cuts.

  • ken


    I’d love to win the “glitch cuts” sample pack.


  • exicano

    These guys are great… I’ve only purchased the one-shot collections, but definitely great prices and great quality.

    I would certainly love to win the Glitch:Cuts collection.

    If I don’t win, then this will be first on my list to buy.

  • Venomeza

    Thanks for the giveaway Ronnie!

    I choose Sunkissed House Loops

  • rexlapin

    I would like the Rasta Vocals pack.
    Cheers and thanks,

  • Guenter

    Glitch Cuts (.WAV)

  • Reverend Rhythm

    Essential Reason Synths looks interesting.

  • Ardtreck

    Glitch Cuts

    Thanks for this giveaway. Such generosity is so rare these days.

  • Don’t know if I’m late or not but…
    Rasta Vocal Samples would do it for me!

  • aaron

    dubstep please.

  • Jakob von Gunten

    I’d love Minimal & Tech House Drums.

  • Quinn

    Orchestra & Classical String Loops

  • Lots of great libraries, hard to choose but I’d really like:

    Complete 808 + 909 Drum Machines

  • Just a few more hours to go…

    For some reason some of the comments were caught by the spam filter, so if your comment didn’t show up yet, please let me know and I’ll will check it out.

    Good luck!

  • stanlea

    Human BeatBox would be fine

    And thanks

  • runagate

    XXL Hip Hop Drums

    Because I just simply know way too many MCs and hip-hop producers & DJs.

    Like stanlea beatbox samples appeal to me but I’m friend with the 5th best beatboxer I’ve ever heard of and I will eventually get him to teach me.

    Ronnie – is it normal for a sample company to have THAT MANY sample sets? I was rather amazed – where’d they find the time? I wouldn’t even want to have to quality check all that let alone edit it all ;)

  • federico

    Minimal & Tech House Drums
    I like!

  • sos87

    I wouldn’t mind Dirty South Loops & Breaks – wav format.


  • The random number generator came up with three numbers, corresponding to the following commenters…

    – pipo
    – 2BiT
    – dacaumodo

    Congrats with winning a Prime Loops Sound Suite of your choice! You should receive an email from Prime Loops shortly.

    Thanks again to Ben of Prime Loops for generously donating three copies for this giveaway, and thanks to everyone for taking part.

  • Martin

    Guess I’ll be buying Glitch Cuts then! Cheers for the giveaway – shame I wasn’t lucky.

    Congrats to the winners!

  • survei

    Congrats to the winners. Hopefully we can do another song-making contest soon. I think we’re due for one, hopefully Ronnie and a sponsor will agree.

  • Hey Survei, I agree! It’s just that I’m really busy lately and doing a proper song contest takes quite a lot of time organizing.

    It is something I want to be doing soon again though, so no worries!

  • Patrick (Rookie)

    Yeah… I can use the Dirty Electro Synth Loops for some ideas that’s still stuck in my mind.

    Much love ;)

  • lorenzo

    Minimal & Tech House Drums WAV
    Thanks in advance !!!

  • The deadline is Sunday 19 April, 2009, 23:59pm CET.

    Sorry Lorenzo, the contest closed a few months ago!

  • Anibal

    Minimal & Tech House

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