Producer Loops / Rekkerd DNB Competition, and the winner is…

Producer Loops / Rekkerd DNB contest

The drum and bass contest is over and looking at the entries I am well pleased with the results. We’ve not only got some massive d&b tunes, quite a few of you took this drum and bass theme into a whole new direction.

You’ve all done a great job and I thank you for participating. Without you guys there is no contest.

Alright, so on to the official results, which I’ve been holding from you for too long — my apologies!

I had the completely impossible task of picking the #1 winner who will receive full copies of all four Producer Loops drum & bass sample libraries that were used to create the contest sample pack: Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Vol 1 & 2, and Liquid Drum & Bass Vol 1 & 2.

After much consideration I chose: David F (aka Totolitoto)

David F. (aka Totolitoto) – The worst that could have been by dav3d75

Congrats to David, well done! It was a close fight between David’s track “The worst that could have been” and the entries by Vly, 3ee, and MaD_ManX.

Luckily I don’t have to pick all the winners. Votes made up the second and third place.

Vly confidently takes second place (actually with the highest total score overall) with his track “Take You”.

Vly – Take You by Vly

Third place is shared between two entries which both ended up with an equal score, “Wreckage” by Narfy

Narfy – Wreckage by rekkerd dnb contest

… and “Another Time, Another Place” by NO ID

Another Time,Another Place (DNB) by NO ID

Congrats! You each win a sample library of your choice from one of the titles mentioned earlier.

Leaves me to thank you all once again for being part of the contest, I hope you had a good time and I’m looking forward to seeing you again at the next contest. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

Also, big thumbs up for Jan and Paul at Producer Loops, who have generously provided the sample pack and prizes for this contest.

  • Cherry Hill Synthphonic

    Teary eyed congrats to the winners! Guess this open trophy spot on the mantle will wait to be filled another day (though I can’t argue with the choices… OUTSTANDING tracks). Thanks again to Ronnie for the fun. Looking forward to the next one.

  • RTRhythms

    Well done to you all, especially the winers whoops winners lol. Its been exciting listening to all the entries and comments. Well, we get beter as we compete against are beters :)
    Roll on the next one. And a big thanks to Ronnie

  • Congrats to David. & runners up :( lol

  • 3ee

    Eh, cheer up mates, better luck next time! :)
    Congrats to the winners and thanks to Ronnie for having this contest!

  • NO ID

    Wow.. what a ride,thank you for all your votes and I hope to see (hear) all of you again..Thanks again Ron for the contest…now,where do I pick up the prize? lol :/

  • hey hey , congratulations to all the winners , and big up to all contestants , keep in touch fellaz , thnkx ronnie for the support , keep us updated man , will be waiting for next dnb contest ;) , fun fun every one ,, cheerssss !!! .. hey , one question , since we couldnt make it , but as a complimentary gift , can use our track to promote ourselves ?? like give to radio station to pay it on air .. ??? and use the samples ???? hmmm ??? :) .. will be away from net for a week ,.. will get back to u soonn :) … cheersss !! :)

  • The winners will be receiving an email with details on their prize shortly.

    I will be having a short holiday soon and I’m planning to have another contest in a month or so, hope to see you all there again!

  • blumux

    Hey guys, i’ve just found this track on YouTube it’s soo phat, no music video made for it yet but it has some video from Gundam Wing. If you like this then you’ll love this one. Such summer CHune. You need to check this shit out.


  • Sulfractiv

    Well done chaps!

    Kudos to the winner.

    Must have been a tough call.

    Respect to Rekkerd and Producer Loops
    for making it happen.

    Peace out!