Propellerhead Software releases Massive Synthesis ReFill

Propellerhead Software has released Massive Synthesis 0.99b, a free ReFill by eXode.

Propellerhead Software Massive Synthesis

MSX – The Massive Synthesis ReFill comes with 2400 patches for Reason! With 650 Combinator Instrument Patches and 50 Combinator Effect Patches. 1000 Thor Patches, 250 Malström Patches & 380 Subtractor Patches. Patches for the RV7000 and Scream4 units.

This ReFill contains almost every previously released ReFill by eXode but also previously unreleased patches from eXode’s private library.

MSX – The Massive Synthesis ReFill features

  • 650 Combinator Instrument Patches.
  • 50 Combinator Effect Devices.
  • 250 Malström Patches.
  • 380 Subtractor Patches.
  • 1000 Thor Patches (!).
  • 70 patches (total) for the RV7000 and Scream4.
  • Included packages are: Analogital, Control Synthesis (previously unreleased), Electric Bass (previously unreleased), Mjolnir, Moog ReFill (previously commercial), Moog Tribute ReFill, Sonic Waves (previously Wave Soundscapes Vol.1 and Vol.2), Thor Padding (previously unreleased), Trance ReFill (previously commercial), Voltage Controlled Vol.1, 2 and 3.

The Massive Synthesis is a free download for registered Reason users.

Visit Propellerhead Software for more information.

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    From the website “Note: To download ReFills, you must be a registered Reason user.”

    This isn’t freeware.

  • It’s freeware to registered Reason users… Wouldn’t that be the majority of Reason users anyway? Why would one not register his copy of Reason…


    cuz itz pirated, you fucking half-witted retard

  • Well, I obviously meant besides the people who use pirated software and expect to get support, content and whatnot.

    I guess you’re on of those. There’s lots of things people like you don’t get, like access to if you keep up that language.

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